Friday, September 4, 2009

Black365 and Non-White Supremacism

James Edwards had a piece recently about McDonalds and their promotion of a program and web site named black365 "celebrating Black culture ...".

McDonalds pioneered multicultural advertising decades ago, particularly supporting a strong pro-Black identity. We should start a new healthy restaurant chain called MacDonalds catering to Whites. The golden arches could be replaced by a big White W. :)

I fully agree with James Edwards' point about the massive double standards employed by multinational corporations and other institutions that promote non-White identity while NEVER doing the same for Whites. About the only time corporations or advertisers explicitly mention White identity is to mock or subvert it, e.g. Whites can't dance or Whites are uptight.

Far more common is the implicit treatment of Whites through subtexts which serves three major functions. First, they constantly denigrate White identity, history, culture, attitudes, character and peoplehood, unlike non-White groups, which are respected and shown positively (the only exception being Arabs and Muslims who are sometimes demonized: guess why?). The goal is clearly to destroy any explicitly White group identity and self-esteem. Second, they illustrate "proper" thinking and behavior to define the bounds of accepted White identity. Whites not accepting their assigned safe and submissive role are shown as evil and contemptible (nazis, klansmen, haters, militia "nuts", etc). Everyone gets the message, if only subconsciously. Third, they train non-Whites, including recent immigrants, to see Whites as a hated class to be attacked and displaced in the future.

The only accepted "traditional" White identity is to be a patriotard tool of warmongering Zionists and globalists who push other people around in their own countries because the whole world really, really wants to be like America! Support "democracy"!!!

These subtexts are literally millions of subtle cues embedded throughout the totality of "our" cultural and entertainment programming. Even though no one sees all or even most of the full set of programming, the average person grows up seeing at least tens of thousands of these anti-White subtexts in thousands of different programs. They become signficant because instead of being randomly distributed in a balanced way, they are systematically biased against Whites. Just watch TV on a typical night and you'll see dozens of examples.

The anti-White bias is obvious by comparing the corresponding treatment of non-Whites and Jews (Jews are exquisitely sensitive to the slightest of slights) using the "identity interchange" test. If the commonly accepted anti-White subtexts had the identities exchanged with a non-White, the non-White advocates would be livid with rage at the racist propaganda being spread about their people! It's great for Whites though!

Ultimately they want to program Whites (and non-Whites) to behave as servants to their agendas. Our children are cut off from the brilliant accomplishments of their ancestors and the heights and nobility of a healthy White culture and society. Instead they're encouraged to be docile little consumers buying corporate junk manufactured overseas from corporate retail zones next to corporate-built suburbs mostly built with cheap illegal alien labor. These suburbs are meant to be a tacit place of safety using wealth as a barrier instead of ethnocentrism, until the next round of immigration and Black criminal subclass resettlement starts the process over again, leading to fat profits for the controllers managing the process.

Isn't modern America such a wonderful land of opportunity? Our founding fathers would be so proud!

These constant media images of Whites are a crucial pillar in creating and enforcing anti-White double standards in our "civil society". The news, entertainment and advertising propaganda machines wield massive influence over most sectors of our society including a significant fraction of our intellectual elites.

One current repulsive example of White-demeaning advertisting is this AT&T commercial where a gay-seeming White guy apparently lives in a big house in a suburban neighborhood surrounded by a carefully chosen multicultural crew consisting of a normal Asian man and three children: a Latino boy and White girl who are silent, and an Asian girl, the center and leader of the children. The Asian girl plays the role of a ghetto-speaking Black woman from a soap opera because the gay White guy has asked the neighborhood kids to help him "catch up on his soaps" because he's already apparently recording two other shows during the airtime of the soaps.

This is the ideal White man according to our cultural programmers: one who won't reproduce, will happily acquiesce in his people's displacement (and isn't even aware he's part of a people other than "American"), is happily multiculturalist, lives a hedonistic lifestyle, is practically a women (and won't be hunting, fishing, owning guns or have any survival skills) and enthusiastically submits to brainwashing by our elite masters.

Why do we give our money to these anti-White corporations?

Isn't it great that Whites have such a great sense of humor that they're OK with being constantly ridiculed unlike all the other groups that demand respect?

No it's not. It's because Whites are cowed into submission by an evil, anti-White, uncivil society that despises them but that controls most levers of power and uses them aggressively to oppress Whites, attacks their identity, legally steals their wealth and transfers it to non-White colonizers, ungrateful Blacks or various corrupt forces, and then tars any White dissenters and resisters as "racists", "bigots", "fascists", "neo-nazis" and "white supremacists".

Ultimately, it's perfectly reasonable that Jews, Blacks and others feel racial solidarity and behave ethnocentrically and even that powerful organizations pander to them.

What's NOT OK is that Whites engaging in logically equivalent beliefs and activism are falsely smeared as Nazis, Klansmen or White supremacists by non-White supremacists, especially by powerful and wealthy Jewish and crypto-Jewish organizations and their toadies throughout our "civil society", including the government, corporations, advertising, Hollywood, the MSM and the educational industrial complex. And for almost everyone in the US the propaganda machine has reinforced THOUSANDS of times that those labels represent the worst possible evil.

Whites must stop tolerating these double standards against us and only us. We need to make it crystal clear that anything but full acceptance of White advocacy and ethnocentrism while all others are both tolerated and encouraged is NON-WHITE SUPREMACISM. I googled this term a while back and found a few scattered references to it so this is an existing but rare concept. It deserves to become just as mainstream as "white supremacism".

We must start calling things by their true names instead of participating in the swarm of lies and obfuscations that enable the anti-White Matrix to pass itself off as a colorblind society that is supposedly just.

Colorblind is a con.

America is anti-White and non-white supremacist.

Try these on for size: Black supremacism, Jewish supremacism, Hispanic Supremacism, Asian supremacism. When non-White advocates believe they have more rights than Whites they are SUPREMACISTS. They need to start hearing this accurate description of their rhetoric and behavior. Oppressed Whites need to learn this tool of understanding and self defense.

While the anti-White activists bring up false anti-White doctrines like "White Privilege" the reality of our society, when normalizing for ability and behavior, is "non-White Privilege", especially Black and Jewish Privilege. Whenever anyone tries to fling the pathetic accusation of White privilege, Whites should immediately point to the success of groups like Blacks, Asians and Jews which typically have better outcomes than Whites per capita, especially Jews, whose outcomes are staggeringly higher than Whites in terms of wealth, elite education, media ownership and influence, academic position, campaign finance, elite government positions, etc. Hmmm, how come stories about Jewish influence NEVER EVER appear in the mainstream media while LOTS of anti-White or White-critical stories DO? It must be all that White Privilege typically taught by Jewish or non-White professors and activists. It was enlightening to see the Whiteness Studies conference that had a Shabbat dinner on Friday night in their official schedule as well as a roster containing a majority of Jewish and non-White participants.

When a large enough group of Whites drop out of the anti-White Matrix and create alternative institutions that empower and protect Whites, their identity, history, culture and peoplehood, the existing institutions will be forced to either adapt or reveal their raw hatred and oppression of Whites. This large group must be led by a vanguard. Some early pioneers have been at it for decades. Now more of us are joining their efforts. We need to keep widening the circle and to tolerate different kinds of pro-Whites, including the shaky ones in the middle starting with pro-White training wheels.

Part of the problem is that Whites have been so deracinated (cut off from their roots) and indoctrinated in White-self-hatred that our culture and identity is a shambles for the vast majority of our brethren. We probably can't fully recover what we once had but we can draw from the best of our heritage and forge a new spirit and culture for our people. We also might not be able to create a monolithic, unitary culture, but if we have several White cultures that mostly share a core of common values across different belief systems, that will be infinitely preferable to our current atomization and deracination. The largest split among pro-Whites is probably between Christians and non-Christians. We should not worry about all Whites having to fit some specific ideology or set of values. Support pro-White diversity!

Some Whites will always be implacable enemies. Fine. Let them pursue their suicidal path in their own spaces and we can pursue our destiny separately. Good riddance. Divorce is the solution.

In time we can create a White Renaissance.

It will take much time and effort to counteract the massive 24x7 anti-White control program that's been operating unimpeded for many decades.

Essentially every piece of our "civil society" must have alternative institutions by and for Whites promoting our interests. I've already discussed alternative institutions in detail regarding higher education in a non-racial manner and alternative media promoting White advocacy. I also explored White separation.

We also need institutions and organizations that subvert the existing ones while not being rabidly or even overtly pro-White. We need to recruit Whites from the middle and take them a step at a time to full-blown White advocacy, ethnocentrism and nationalism. A major attack vector are those areas of our "civil society" that promote lies, anti-White bias or non-White supremacism. Trust in these institutions is already low. When average people see professional quality stories with fully documented details available that expose the lies, distortions and propaganda of the current system, cynicism and distrust will strengthen dramatically and faith and trust will be transferred to the new alternative sources. Anti-White crime is an massive opportunity that needs to be exploited to destroy trust in the current lying system. It wouldn't be an issue if they weren't such vicious lying anti-White bigots so they deserve no sympathy.

A major barrier to building pro-White institutions is the current dominance of anti-White racism by "civil society". Budding pro-Whites are assaulted by powerful and wealthy groups like the ADL and $PLC and many other groups coordinated with allies in Hollywood, the MSM, academia, government, corporations and other commanding heights in our society. It will be a long-term struggle to gain our rights and justice. We already have some organizations working for our interests, so let's support them however we can, even if only to spread awareness through personal connections.

There are other areas I'd like to discuss, including my long-promised alternative cultural post, which is one of the most important alternatives needed because it is the most powerful force brainwashing most Whites. The sheer repetition of anti-White and pro-multicultural ideology over the full lifetime of most citizens, including the numerous subtle subtexts, is difficult for most people to escape. But imagine a full offering of cultural programming that is pro-White with many of the subtexts and meta-messages inverted from their anti-White bigotry. I believe when many Whites are exposed to hundreds and thousands of hours of pro-White cultural programming, White advocacy will become a mass movement including both our average and cognitive elite populations.

It can happen in stages too, where a small nucleus of Whites create and distribute this pro-White content and then gain an modest audience that then grows as the truth, hope and justice of our side inspire more and more Whites to escape their brainwashing.

We must build our institutions and their broad acceptance piece-by-piece from the bottom up. We can use our talent and spirit to create something authentic even if we have limited resources compared to our oppressors. Some of these pieces are already in place, like some of the organizations I link to. We must start within our own families, friends and communities. We must contest the universally accepted anti-White bigotry and those who promote it.

The future is uncertain. We must work to prepare ourselves for any contingency that comes our way.

We'll know we're made progress when large business interests start fearing the anger the White community and pander to us the way they pander to non-Whites.

nativeamerican365, black365, jew365, raza365, asian365 are all fully supported by "our" "civil society".

white365 must be too.


  1. Great post.

    This is the kind of thing I was thinking of when I commented here about a media blog.

    Ive made a couple of steps along those lines, will post a link when there is something to see.

  2. Anonymous,

    Glad to hear of your progress. I look forward to checking out your new site.