Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Censored by Counter Currents

Update: February 11, 2011
Upon reflection I believe some of my previous statements (see below for my original comment) are foolish and shortsighted.

If I'm annoyed at the censoring of my comments at a good site like Counter Currents, I shouldn't respond in the petty manner of censoring myself, particularly since I only have two censored comments as evidence with a few other minor comments being accepted. Although I do believe it would have been courteous for Counter Currents to provide a short response to my email requesting their motivation for censoring my first comment, I suppose they presume a level of sophistication in figuring out for yourself what the rules are based on the quality and style of the comments. I haven't seen too many fire-breathing rants published there even though I believe this kind of comment is a natural phase for many pro-Whites to pass through as they discover how false, inverted and evil the racist, anti-White system is.

This particular censorship stung because I have great respect for the work of Counter Currents and felt slighted by those I see as comrades in the struggle to help save our people.

As I said below Counter Currents has a great comment section. One significant reason is the fairly low level of infestation by Zionist trolls and other operatives following the COINTELPRO playbook of disinformation, demoralization and distraction, unlike Occidental Observer where these scum are common and make sifting for quality comments much more of a chore. Even though sometimes their presence is useful to help train our people to recognize their techniques and arguments, overall they drain the vitality, clarity, focus and synergy from discussions through their constant baiting and distraction.

Obviously Counter Current's high quality comment section results from their careful moderation of comments which requires extra effort on their part.

Personally I'm a firm supporter in freedom of speech and inquiry but I recognize in the real world, there can be difficulties when those operating in bad faith organize to subvert effective communication between those of good faith.

I believe with better software tools and a little human intervention, we could filter out this kind of garbage, but I haven't seen such tools implemented anywhere. I did a comment at Majority Rights where I gave a some brief ideas to ease this problem (towards the end).

There can also be a mismatch between comments that add real value to a conversation and those that clutter one up in spite of good intentions. Rants and rah-rah posts that are light on novel contributions can be valuable in building community and camaraderie, but there are different stars in the pro-White firmament catering to these different audiences. My guess is that Counter Currents filters out a lot of these comments to adhere to higher standards.

In general I have a rambling, discursive style where I jam in lots of ideas and asides as I discuss a topic. For example, in my later comment (Comment 1), I gave a brief overview of my Silent Diffusion idea and also threw in a few technical tips to help those readers who don't know too much about security. I realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea and I'm going to make an effort this year to improve my writing, including the focus, style and length of my writing. I need to factor these different subjects into their own cohesive posts rather than cobbling together massive chock-a-block kludges.

Although I have pretty decent verbal intelligence, the highest reaches of my intelligence are concentrated in mathematical and logical abilities. I'm not really a natural, gifted or fast writer as my natural writing is somewhat stilted and I struggle to revise it into something acceptable.

I recognize that both of my posts could have been better and I need to work harder to make better comments. That said, I do believe I raised serious points that the folks at Counter Currents should forthrightly consider instead censoring even if the points might be a little awkward for them.

Our educational struggle isn't about making money or entangling ourselves in the talmudic twists of intellectual property law but building a vital foundation for rebuilding the identity, knowledge, spirit, safety, ethnocentrism and nationhood of our beleaguered people.

Original Post: February 9, 2011

Recently I submitted a couple of comments to counter-currents that were deleted or censored, depending on your estimation of their value.

I'm displaying the comments below ordered by my judgment of "best to worst" which corresponds to most recent to earliest.

After the earlier comment was deleted I sent an email to the webmaster asking for their reasons for deleting the comment but they didn't bother to reply. They don't have any guidelines that I've seen. This earlier comment (marked Commment 2 below) is admittedly a polemical but heartfelt rant at the odious hypocritical system that oppresses our people. Perhaps they thought my casual use of far-right slang was too vulgar for their rarefied site. Perhaps the comment was too angry in tone. Perhaps they think my comment just sucks. I don't know. That's why I asked for their reasons which they didn't bother to share.

But I believe my more recent comment is a good-faith, non-polemical substantive critique of their short-sighted policy and deserved a hearing.

I'm disappointed at their heavy-handed censorship.

Either way their actions suggest I'm not welcome at their site so I won't trouble them again.

I do recommend the site though as one of the leading intellectual sites of the White Nationalist movement with an excellent mix of new and classic material and a very good comment section.

Comment 1: Later, Better Comment

posted on thread Now Available! PDF E-Books of our First Two Titles

submitted on February 8, 2011 in early afternoon.

First, some context from the original post:

We are pleased to announce that E-book versions of Toward the White Republic and Taking Our Own Side are now available in PDF format.

Michael O’Meara
Toward the White Republic
Price: $10

Michael J. Polignano
Taking Our Own Side
Price: $10

We encourage you to share these E-books with friends and relatives; however, we do not want them to be uploaded onto message boards or Bittorrent sites. For this reason, each purchased PDF will be customized with the purchaser’s name, address, and email address, and made available via an encrypted link sent via email once the PayPal transaction is complete. ...REST OF POST OMITTED

Here is the comment I submitted:

I urge you to reconsider this policy.

First, it seems self-contradictory to encourage buyers to share e-books with
friends and family, yet not expect someone within one of these extended social
networks to upload the books. Perhaps a direct friend or family member
won't, but a more distant recipient likely will, violating the privacy of the buyer with possible harassment and loss of employment.

Second, what if the buyer or one of the friends and family isn't security savvy and their computer is hacked by sophisticated malware or a live hacker. Again, the buyer's privacy may be violated.

I'm sure some of your possible buyers will be dissuaded knowing an electronic copy will be marked with their personal data so they must worry about that copy inadvertently ending up on the net.

Hint to buyers concerned about privacy: never let the PDF file touch the disk of an internet exposed computer. Immediately take it offline (e.g. save the file directly to a USB stick [in an encrypted volume for extra security]) and use it on an internet isolated computer [more discussion below] and keep it encrypted.

Third, why do you want to restrict distribution of your titles? Why not
encourage maximum diffusion of your ideas and then encourage sympathetic readers to give donations. You can even instruct them on various ways
to do the donations that protect their privacy. For example, people
can buy anonymous credit cards with cash for a relatively small fee.

By making your materials freely available you can probably reach at least
50 or 100 times the audience and at a faster rate. We Whites don't have all the time in the world to deprogram our brainwashed people. You might even do better financially relying on the honor system with a much larger base of readers and perhaps a few patrons will give larger donations to support your open distribution policy.

You all should add support for more secure communications, including GPG for secure email and an SSL section on your web site for private communications.

Since a powerful and comprehensive anti-White psychological war has been waged against our people for so many decades, an oppressive architecture built into "civil society" to punish "transgressors" and a Big Brother surveillance state silently gathers every scrap of data it can, many Whites are timid about looking at anything taboo. I wrote about a strategy for weakening this called "Silent Diffusion".

The basic idea is to provide massive, self-contained sets of truth and persuasive materials in a safe way so those too intimidated to visit taboo web sites (with Big Brother taking note) or to purchase taboo books (again, with Big Brother logging activity) can get the information. Some of these people might be embedded in current power structures.

"Safe way" refers to creating an internet isolated computer using old machines, e.g. 7+ years, that are perfectly capable of reading offline web pages, pdf files and other documents, playing audio and video. These machines never touch the internet, with data and programs flowing one way from connected systems to the isolated system. The truly cautious can write all input data onto read-only media so there is no possibility of data leakage from the isolated system.

If you only have one computer, there are ways to simulate this process that are much better than leaving everything on a single online system (e.g. disconnect normal hard disk [optional but adds security], boot a customized Live Linux from CD/DVD/USB, use encrypted USB storage for taboo data).

Silent diffusion collections (e.g. data DVDs) can be copied and passed from person to person. Cost: $20 DVD burner that pretty much everyone already has and 10 cent rewriteable DVD.

This also helps us create interpersonal communication channels in case they lock down the internet. I think the way they might try to lock down the internet would be to target all encrypted traffic they can't read. They will demand back doors into all encrypted traffic so they can read it at their leisure and then legally target anything they can't read or that is taboo. This way they keep the internet for business but suppress the liberty and truth that threatens their reign of Big Lies.

Books such as yours would be perfect for silent diffusion collections. Imagine reaching tens of thousands of powerful, high-status Whites that might be sympathetic if only they knew the other side of the story. Not to mention hundreds of thousands or millions of less elite but good White Folks.

Comment 2: Earlier, Crappier Comment

posted on thread American Renaissance Conference Canceled Second Year Running
submitted on February 3, 2011 in the early morning.

Getting the vast anti-White system to blatantly expose its vicious anti-White double standards and hatred is vital. But it looks like Jared Taylor and Amren should’ve been better prepared with a backup plan instead of slinking away in defeat two years running.

Why can’t they have the backup meeting on some private property, even if it’s only some tents on a field, in the worst case.

Whites need to realize that the “colorblind” society is a big f***ing lie, like dozens of other BFLs we live under, including 911 and the Holyhoax. The “colorblind” society that most Kwans fall for, courtesy of Talmudvision, the Indoctrination Industrial Complex and other influences, is code for hateful “anti-White” bigotry and raw Jewish and non-White supremacism.

White is the new nigger.

We need to become better prepared to inform more people and exploit what’s left of legal and political process, if only as a publicity tool to promote a deep cynicism and alienation from the system that so many patriotards identify with via a carefully constructed lifelong false consciousness (I was one of those unfortunates until the last couple of years).

I agree with Sam Davidson who did a great interview last Saturday on The Political Cesspool. We need to withdraw our allegiance to the rotten system that runs this country, including the government. Look at the many manufactured events they stage, including the malicious false prosecution of Edgar Steele. [2/9 NOTE: Actually what they're doing to Ed Steele and his family is MUCH worse than mere false prosecution. The authorities appear guilty of several additional serious crimes.] They may have power now, but it won’t last as millions and then tens of millions of Whites kindle secret flames of righteous fury against their lies, injustice and evil.

For example, last year when death threats were being ignored by the Department of Justice [sic] and the MSM, there should have been a series of lawsuits challenging these violations of White Civil Rights. We don’t seem to have the organization and resources to do this now, so we’d better cultivate this ASAP. Even though it would probably be futile legally given the deep corruption of “our” institutions, it might help wake up hundreds of thousands or even millions of Whites and help us create a significant pro-White alternative media.

When many Whites start to see an assertive pro-White media and culture production, they will LOVE it and transfer their attention and loyalty. Feedback will ensue, drawing in more talent, wealth and numbers.

Every slimy trick the anti-White Jewish Supremacist haters and their lackeys wield to degrade, slander and attack Whites can be inverted in alternative culture or news productions to turn the tables.

I happened to see 10 minutes of some Hymiewood action piece-o-crap on TV recently
where, in a discongruous story tangent, a Black criminal recounted his molestation by a White camp counselor as a young teenager. All these tens of thousands of incidents of jamming Whitey’s nose in the dog shit can be easily redirected or mimicked. Perhaps we can even create alternative audio tracks that take existing programs and tweak storyline for the desired effect.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm responding atypicalwhite's recent comment to provide an update for my readers since this blog has been mute for so long.

This has been a difficult year for me. I am in a transition period where I want to significantly change what I've been doing. I don't want to be a wage slave working for corporations and the system so I'm trying to follow Kievsky's advice to change my career to be more independent.

Also, I've had great difficulty writing and editing my posts. I have lots-and-lots of posts and ideas, but I look at what I've written and consider it to be crap that has a ways to go to be presentable.

Part of the problem is a kind of rage where I'm still trying to assimulate all the things I've learned about the true shape of the world and our people, including 911 and many more appalling lies and evils. I'm naturally kinda hot-headed so its tougher for me than more cool-headed folks. So my writing becomes too polemical and bitter. I know I need to focus on being constructive and making a useful contribution, and to do so I need to properly sublimate the anger into something beneficial and positive.

I believe there is significant evidence that 911 was a false-flag operation designed to create support for American involvement in Middle Eastern wars for the benefit of Israel and, perhaps, the domestic military-industrial complex (and whatever other actors we need a real investigation to identify).

I have a post I'm working on about 911 but I'm trying to tone it down and consider whether my suspicion that 911 might be the key to bringing down the whole rotten system is plausible or ridiculously grandiose.

If explosives were used to bring down the three WTC towers as much analysis and investigation suggests, then 911 was the greatest act of treason in American history. That's because it would've been a cold-blooded, premeditated mass murder of Americans that was falsely blamed on Muslims in order to launch wars of aggression that have likely killed millions of innocent victims, squandered TRILLIONS of dollars of American treasure, devastated foreign peoples, their property and societies, and brought many calamities to our people and society, including a deep erosion of our civil liberties. All based on a vicious pack of lies by the true mass murderers. By the way the real mass murderers justified these wars because of the mass murder. So if they've been caught red-handed, by their own logic, we can use their own arguments to punish WHO? HOW?

How can a supposedly free and democratic society tolerate even 1/10 of the doubt that we currently have with 911 truth evidence and analysis when all that is asked is for a real investigation? If they have nothing to hide, they should be glad to clear their "good names".

Everyone should check out 911 truth, including Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and their youtube channel. There have some new videos on the scientific investigations of evidence for controlled demolitions using nano-thermite.

I'll save the rest of 911 for my upcoming posts.

I'm also going to launch a Tech Talk series where I'll discuss various computer topics that I hope will benefit some folks. I'll discuss topics like why Linux/BSD and Open Source make a lot of sense for White advocates, making an isolated secure computer, some ways to improve your security practices, and ways to retrieve web and video content for offline storage (and retransmission hopefully instead of only reading it online (sneak peek: two useful utilities: youtube-dl (URL: and wget (URL:

I'm also trying to break up some of my mega posts like "Alternative Culture" and "Improved Organization" into smaller pieces that will be easier to finish and easier to read. They've spiraled into giant sets of ideas (that would be at least small book length as prose) that I've found difficult to finish because I'm unhappy with the quality of the organization and writing.

Look for at least one post within one week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terminology Thoughts

Has anyone coined the word "chutzpocrisy" yet?

Yup. They have. Although it doesn't seem to be widely used.

This term combining "chutzpah" and "hypocrisy" should refer to the outrageous hypocrisy commonly seen among many outspoken anti-White Jews who advocate one thing for themselves and something radically different for the Other. For example, they advocate nation-destroying and genocidal policies for Whites while simultaneously advocating the exact opposite for themselves and their ethnostate of Israel.

A recent concrete example is the Jewish conniption fit over Arizona's new anti-illegal-alien law when Israel has always and continues to do far more repressive things to the Palestinians and other aliens in Israel or Israeli-occupied Palestine.

Likewise with securing the border with Mexico. How dare we enforce the border or build an effective wall. Yet Israel gets to build an effective wall propped up with tens of billions in American wealth while we get called neo-nazi-racist-hater-bigot-white-supremacists(TM) for daring to advocate the preservation of our nation and people.

The list goes on. and on and on. and on some more. and more and more and more.

I could keep going but you get the point.

Another formulation I like is ORCS for "Our" Repressive "Civil" Society.

This would replace a fixture in my previous posts, the accurate but tediously long: "Our" "Civil" Society.

I quote "Our" ironically because it definitely isn't ours. Instead it is dominated by a hostile, alien Jewish supremacist elite; corrupt, soulless, shabbos goy White traitors; antagonistic Blacks; imported foreign tools and naive White true believers suckered by the long occult war [thanks Kievsky!] against Whites suffusing most corners of our society and culture.

Likewise "Civil Society" has fully earned its contemptous quotes, since it seethes with malevolent incivility. The greasy lie of "civility" is a total fraud, a ploy to gull the lifelong brainwashed into believing that this vicious, oppressive, lying, anti-White, non-White-supremacist totalitarian system is actually concerned with civility or its ostensible aims.

I always contemptuously laugh when the anti-White power structure trowels out rhetorical slop like "hurtful", "creating a safe space", "dialogue" and "opposing hate". Somehow the lofty rhetoric applies to EVERYONE BUT WHITES. Plenty of "hurtful" things are said constantly within and by ORCS about Whites and that's definitely a feature, not a bug!

"Creating a Safe Space" is a total fraud since the literal rape and murder of Whites is frantically ignored and covered up. The recent murders of Whites at Kent State are but one example.

The true purpose of "Creating a Safe Space" and the other cultural Marxist shibboleths is the destruction of freedom of speech and inquiry by banning speech, thoughts or activism that threaten the current Jewish-and-non-White-supremacist hegemonic system.

As usual in the Kwa, racist anti-White double standards actually rule. Whites are subjected to an Orwellian narrative about "White privilege", "White power", "White racism", "White supremacism" with the delusional pretense that this hateful attack on Whites, their identity, history and peoplehood is "speaking truth to power".

Yeah, right. Whites are SOOOOO powerful that NOT ONE politician, dean, "civic leader" or power broker is openly pro-White. Instead nearly every one of them parrots diversity blather and "white guilt" under the steel gaze of our commissariat. Those straying too far from the party line suffer consequences including job loss, ostracism and public humiliation.

This intellectually dishonest, barbaric treatment starts far before any traces of actual pro-White advocacy. To question any of the patently false dogma ruling the Kwa invites swift and terrible punishment as Nobel Prize winner James Watson and many others discovered.

In actuality, the power structure of the Kwa enforces the privilege, power, racism and supremacism of Jews and non-Whites over Whites.

This power desperately needs a LOT of truth spoken to it.

Turn On, Tune In, Drive Out [the ORCS!]

Updated Thursday, May 27, 2010.

  • Tweaked a few awkward phrasings.
  • Added a few sentences.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Silent Diffusion

Given the institutionalized anti-White antipathy and bias of "our" "civil society" and the closely related ZOG (AKA the system), we are not duty or honor bound to sacrifice our personal, group, descendants' or ancestors' interests by recklessly upholding a traditional White idealistic sense of honor, honesty and fair play. Doing so would allow anti-White haters who fight dirty to twist our virtues against us for base and genocidal ends. Our honor should be reserved for our people and given only to those treating us with honor. Those treating us in good faith and honor should receive the same from us, including Blacks and Jews.

For example, right now many instititions including the military, deliberately weed out pro-White activists while allowing non-White activists, supremacists and gang members including some Jewish supremacists with their primary loyalty to other Jews and Israel instead of "America". If the system is rigged against us, it has no legitimacy and we have no obligation to weaken ourselves by scrupulously giving honesty to a dishonorable and dishonest system.

We Need Lots-O-Infiltrators!

We need many pro-Whites embedded within existing institutions to gather intelligence, leak evil or embarrassing data, oppose or undermine anti-White actions and policies, sow discord among our enemies and so on. Some of them are already in place but aren't yet pro-White, while others will infiltrate in the future. Many of these Whites may need to keep quiet or even directly lie about their pro-White commitment. This would not be dishonorable. This country was created by our forefathers for their posterity and has been hijacked by an evil anti-White system undeserving of our support unless it abandons its anti-White oppression and stops promoting long-term White genocide. A small set of key infiltrators in the right institutions, both public and private, could expose tremendous amounts of malevolent anti-White scheming and action by the system as well as lots of highly embarrassing dirt, corruption and abuses of power.

Just imagine all the anti-White directives and work products used in the advertising industry, mainstream media and Hollywood. I suspect audio recordings of some of their meetings would be highly revealing to the sheeple, kinda like the denouement of A Face In The Crowd (1957), an excellent anti-White, Jewish supremacist classic deserving close study directed by Elia Kazan, starring Andy Griffith and with writing and screenwriter credits by Jewish Commie Budd Schulberg (I won't give away the ending because it's a major spoiler. Watch it if you haven't seen it. I have little doubt it is in complete accord with how our elites view the rest of us).

New Leaders and Crypto Pro-Whites

We need genuinely talented leaders who arise without any significant baggage or taint. I mean no disrespect meant to our early vanguard leaders who had difficult task of challenging the system when most of us were thoroughly brainwashed, especially before the internet broke the media monopoly.

Some pro-Whites must decide early on to keep their commitment hidden so they can best serve our interests. This is a perfectly honorable choice until we've reclaimed our legitimate rights and reversed anti-White oppression.

Most of Us are Probably Tagged Already

Unfortunately I suspect almost everybody currently in the pro-White movement, even passively as an internet reader, has probably already been tagged by ZOG given the extensive domestic surveillance system unless they've taken extraordinary efforts to mask their online identity, like never using their home internet connection for anything WNA-related, using a portable device to hook into randomly varying public internet access with care taken not to be caught on video surveillance, shielding the device while not in use, possibly combined with using an encrytped proxy (which ones are trustworthy?), and working at home on a 100% internet-isolated computer that encrypts all sensitive data, etc. I doubt more than 0.1% of WNAs (White Nationalists and Advocates) have done this kind of scrupulously careful security protocol. Most of us are way too lazy for that. Even worse, as we began our movement into White Nationalism and Advocacy, we left a telltale traceable internet-trail moving to pro-White, anti-Jewish-supremacist knowledge that will likely be data mineable by ZOG. Even entities without ZOG's full power are probably using many of the internet tracking services like gravatar and statcounter to piece together browsing patterns by correlating timestamped IP data from many of these sources to build up a surprisingly detailed collection of browsing habits. Some entities probably have staff infiltrated into various important companies that give them privileged access to what should technically be private records, like your ISP. I suspect the power is rarely used overtly so they don't tip off the rubes on how little privacy there really is on the internet. This is my speculation, not certain knowledge.

I kinda like this WNA acronym, pronounced "WIN-uh", like winner with a Southern accent. It's also resembles "DNA" suggesting the biological foundation of racial differences instead of the fraud of supposed White oppression of non-Whites. It can also be pronounced "WHY-nuh', like whiner, but I also believe this works to our advantage because it exposes our enemies contempt for our people and their legitimate rights by belittling our just complaints for anyone that values objectivity and fairness.

For those publishing text on the internet, care would have to be taken to use stock language that diverges from your normal idioms and other discernable patterns that will likely be data mined and correlated with known communications, possibly including voice communications that are mass-intercepted, automatically translated and available for analysis and correlation. Technology is enabling a nightmarish police state with staggering power. Many groups beyond pro-Whites are also opposed to this emerging tyranny and we should join with them to reduce trust and legitimacy for this deeply un-American police state being foisted upon us through false-flag terror and manipulation. The only way to reduce the power of this illegitimate tyranny is to create significant mass dissent among the public, elites and employees within the police state and its supporting institutions. We must stop believing the constant little lies and falling for the big lies.

We Need a Safe Way to Spread our Message and Knowledge

So we need lots more pro-Whites and we need some to be untrackable. Also, given the oppressive political correctness and corporate neo-serfdom that effectively weakens or destroys free-speech rights for many folks, we need a way to spread our message convincingly without these cautious folks feeling like they're risking their livelihood or family's security.

One approach to do this is what can be called silent diffusion.

The basic idea is we provide large sets of high-quality, pro-White works in various media that can be spread around hand-to-hand in trusted personal networks (and electronically as well) so that the recipients can have a fairly self-contained set of material, including quick, high-level overviews, detailed supporting documentation for those so inclined and a full-range of related materials so that the viewer or reader can spend months digging through our arguments, proof, humor, videos, audios, etc, including looking at conflicting arguments without ever having to touch the internet and get labelled. There can be different subscriptions aimed at different audiences, e.g. working class versus professional, average college graduates, intellectuals, women, children, and there may even be some segmentation for different White subcultures, generations, etc. Given that CD-ROMs and DVD-drives are so pervasive and that these media hold huge amounts of data, it really wouldn't take too many releases to include lots of good videos, audio, books, articles, etc. Different audiences may all be accommodated through choosing a the desired initial view of the same disk. DVDs can fit over 4 GB which can fit hundreds of books, thousands of articles with plenty of room for lots of audio and good quality video.

These packages can also be spread to strangers, left at public places, sent to various important audiences and elites. For example, the guy who created the extremely thought-provoking Holocaust Revisionist film One Third of the Holocaust and some others, has a page where he urges his readers to independently help spread his careful analysis that casts doubt on various specific aspects of the orthodox Holocaust narrative to various elites like 100 history professors. We can adapt this idea of marketing our ideas to prospects like non-ideologue teachers, small businessmen, patriotards, libertarians, mainstream Christians, Christian Zionists, etc. Some of these different audiences might have specially constructed materials to gracefully address their typical exising brainwashing.

Creating a DVD and a page or two of introduction with a quick description of how to set of an internet-isolated computer might persuade a timid White to broach a taboo they are otherwise fearful to confront. Creating and distributing these items is fairly inexpensive and can be done by independent individuals as well as groups. We need lots of independent cells and individuals as well as increasing organized and linked groups.

Another benefit of Silent Diffusion Distributions is their ability to spread underground communications if they manage to shutdown the internet. We can create new communication channels off their radars.

An Aside about Holocaust Revisionism

By the way, every WNA should investigate Holocaust Revisionism because there is a strong possiblity that significant elements of the Holocaust orthodoxy are false or exaggerated. I realize this is a controversial topic and some public WNAs like Kevin MacDonald might avoid this topic to avoid undermining his important contributions from further vilification by our shitty oppressive society (SOS). Fair enough. We need to allow broad cooperation without petty sniping since we are so marginalized by "our" evil "civil society". But in our hearts and minds we should strive for the truth even if our corrupt society is dominated by Big Lies and holds the truth in contempt.

Jews are only entitled to the truth. Nothing more and nothing less.

If they are being significantly dishonest about several major claims of the Holocaust it is, by far, the greatest slander and "blood libel" in history. Their constant efforts to destroy freedom of speech and inquiry by imprisioning Holocaust Revisionists strongly implies they can't honestly confront the many calm, detailed arguments of the Revisionists so they choose to shut down the normal approach to examining historical events through free and open inquiry.

Their major goal is to intimidate most people, especially our intellectual elites, from considering any challenge to the orthodoxy by showing the severe punishment dissenters receive.

I believe any strong attempt to stifle and stigmatize debate or dissent should act as a powerful marker that a Big Lie may be operating, which means the subject needs careful, open scrutiny. 911 is another probable Big Lie that all WNAs should investigate. It's especially important because if there are entities engaging in false-flag operations, they will likely continue doing them, probably escalating them to horrific proportions to dazzle the masses with fear to consolidate their power and control by completing a full-blown tyrannical police state. These topics would be perfect for Silent Diffusion Distributions since they are so taboo.

Different Subscriptions for Different Starting Points

Distinct subscriptions can target different degrees of initial brainwashing so we bring along newbies gently with maybe one or two additional tiers to get the full ugly truth. Newbies need to deeply understand the massive internal contradictions and hypocrisies of the system and how it isn't the fair, idealistic system it pretends to be. Step two will be to begin better understanding the ugly truth and how it got that way.

Using Our Time More Efficiently

One problem with reading the raw material of WNA daily or weekly is the significant effort of sifting through lots of redundancy, venting, disinformation or COINTELPRO subversion to find the novel (for the reader) rare jewels and more common solid gems. One challenge is that many good insights already exist in many sources that most of us aren't familiar with. This is why our movement needs more mediation and organization to create efficient collections of the best thought without forcing the user to read hundreds of full-length books and tens of thousands of articles and blog posts. We have relatively little available collective time, ability and wealth resources, so we don't need everyone trying to read a lot of relatively abstruse academic articles when a mediator can provide a reader's digest summary for a general audience if needed. Those extra five, ten or twenty hours per week for thousands of potential activists and contributers can be better spent on other pragmatic tasks that advance our movement.

Our Highest Priority: Education and Persuasion to Increase our Movement

Probably the single most important activity at this phase of our movement is the dissemination of our educational and persuasive works to increase the size and influence of our movement. As it expands it will pull more resources and energy into the movement which will provide more rapid growth through positive feedback. This is the core of our changing the culture.

Some effort should also be dedicated to filling out and debating various aspects of WNA ideologies and doctrines, although as one Occidental Commenter (? Svigor) noted in the recent past, there is no reason we must decide everything up front. We can defer some of the details to future context and situations. We don't need to create a doctrinaire, rigid ideology.

Let me be clear. These abstruse academic articles are usually great stuff for their niche. We need to have a few experts and laymen covering every major topic, but they also need to fit it into an overall general context and mediate it for the wider non-specialist elite audience and possibly a general audience because for most of our activists, those extra ten, twenty or thirty minutes per person multiplied by five, ten or twenty articles per week multiplied by thousands or tens of thousands of activists would be better spent specializing on other activities. Unlike the anti-White mediators of the MSM and Hollywood, I have a much greater trust in WNA mediators. There is a lot of redundancy across various commentary and news sites. By creating a somewhat unified and organized collection we can dramatically increase learning efficiency. We can also create archives of news stories, outrages, etc, organized by category, time, author, etc and powerfully searchable and viewable using standard tools or custom software we adapt or create. This way people can catch up on news at their leisure and systematize their knowledge of key details and issues.

Hopefully we'll spark more synergy and cooperation and greater mastery of the ever expanding, organized, "official" WNA body of knowledge.

For these special distributions, we would gather all the best stuff, refine it and package it to be more efficient for various audiences to use most profitably. Although comment sections at blogs can be fantastic resources, they can chew up a lot of time because of the lower than optimal signal-to-noise ratio. Certain annoying commenters are almost certainly anti-White infiltrators trying to undermine effective pro-Whites through disinformation, subversion and demoralization.

By using some improved software tools, databases, etc, we can extract the gems into a concise, high-octane collection of our best stuff. Many Whites are busy people who need this info highly distilled and packaged in the most accessible, persuasive format.

We could instruct people how to set up a safe internet-isolated computer and use encryption, so they can accumulate a collection of taboo data with much lower risk. Then periodically we can put out new releases. We would use signing tools using private keys and published checksums so recipients would know that the distributions are authentic.

Networks of Hidden Readers

The goal is for a relatively smaller number of exposed people to pass distributions around to several hidden readers each, with some of these hidden readers repeating the process to other hidden readers.

Ideas for a Safe Internet-Isolated Computer

To create a safe internet-isolated computer an old 3-6 year old machine running Linux or an old Windows is perfectly adequate. New stuff can be installed by using a USB drive or CD/DVD. Basically never directly plug it into the internet. Ever. Make sure it doesn't have wireless networking hardware or at least disable it. I recommend Linux or a BSD Unix. They're free and open-source so you don't have to fiddle with Microshit's licenses, activation or crapware. Linux and BSD are free with lots of good, free, open-source apps, including multimedia, office and graphics, and some of the distributions have gotten much easier to use for Windows users, like Ubuntu (if you can avoid barfing when you see the race mixing picture on their website).

This is a starting point. We'd want to get the input from a bunch of folks and look for weak points and add more detail. A lot of the details can probably be gotten from existing non-racial tech sites.

Creating a Mass Movement

One goal is to create a much larger audience receptive and knowledgeable of our ideas, arguments, facts and media products to create mass to overturn the anti-White oppression currently dominating "our" "civil society". As we persuade a mass audience we can bring more resources into WNA including volunteerism, subscriptions, donations, estate gifts and the presence of our masses, elites, winners and those embedded in the system.

The work of creating this kind of professional, distilled distribution of the best of WNA is the sort constructive effort we could collaborate on over the internet to begin changing the culture to a more just one. I'd rather spend more time doing concrete, constructive activities rather than reading an excess of relatively theoretical or technical works or articles. Those works certainly have their place but I think some are best as a niche that we just need a few scholars and lay experts tussling with, who can then distill the important points down to the non-experts or masses.

I'm planning to discuss this need for greater organization, collaboration and practical efforts in my next post. In general we need to take WNA to the next level where we are busy doing lots of constructive activities where we specialize and coordinate our efforts intelligently, so that we can achieve many concrete goals in parallel while efficiently using our resources.

As we build up our alternative media and culture production and create a mass audience of hundreds of thousands and then millions and beyond, gaining knowledge, commitment and support of WNA, it will be much easier for this information to be widely distributed with less traceability. We can bring down overt anti-White oppression because Whites will start proudly telling the anti-Whites to fuck off because they're the real racists.

We must become the change we desire.

Thanks anti-White leftists. Great line! Will do!