Sunday, April 12, 2009

Illegal Alien Amnesty: The Last Straw

The New York Times is reporting that Obama wants to legalize the current hoard of illegals in this country by pushing legislation through Congress this fall. Naturally, they're promising to enforce the border and require employers to check that new employees are legal. Gee that sounds familiar... Oh yeah, they promised they'd do both of these things to pass the "one-time" amnesty in 1986.

How well did that turn out again?

Of course, they followed this "one time" amnesty with a whole sequence of one-off amnesties, 500,000, here, a million, there, with NO ENFORCEMENT except a few token scraps on occasion for the cameras. Here's more history.

When selling IRCA in 1986, they claimed there were around one million illegals, but they ended up legalizing 2.7 million at that time AND another 400,000 in a subsequent amnesty in 2000 for those who complained they were improperly excluded from the 1986 amnesty. How many of these 3.1 million have used family unification to legalize additional millions of immigrants? This time Obama is throwing around the ridiculous 12 million illegal figure that hasn't changed for years, even though the actual number is likely at least twenty million and perhaps even over 30 million.

The pack of lies continues.

I think this amnesty would be the last straw.

If amnesty passes, the last shred of legitimacy in the federal government will finally snap. The Constitution is essentially dead letter with activist judges, bureaucrats, legal scholars and activists evicerating the traditional understanding of objective law by bending it to their will using postmodern sophistry like Humpty Dumpty:

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master--that's all."
We have the illusion of continuing our historic Republic, but, in actuality, a critical core has been replaced by elite betrayal, Cultural Marxism, non-White supremacism, particularly Black and Jewish, corporatism, corruption and raw anti-White ethnic politics, which all act against non-elite Whites and our descendants.

The system is seriously broken and there doesn't seem much chance is reforming it.

As I've partially discussed in past posts and intend to discuss in the future, the US has become structurally anti-White in all the major institutions of "civil society" (media, Hollywood, advertising, K12 education, academia, law, corporations, government, wealthy foundations, organized religion, etc). Immigrants with no history in this country immediately benefit from affirmative action that explicitly discriminates against Whites. As an added bonus, Whites get to subsidize their displacement by non-White aliens through high taxes. But this isn't good enough for the White-hating leftists pushing for even more anti-White hatred, vilification and discrimination. The lower we fall, the more they want to kick us in the head, stomach and family jewels. It is staggering how much more overt and vicious anti-White hatred has become over the last twenty-five years. If we don't start fighting back, it will get a lot worse.

If amnesty passes, we need to stop supporting the current regime, and strategize how we can intelligently perform mass civil disobedience and weaken its perceived legitimacy. Regardless of the result of the push for amnesty, we need to begin seriously subverting the institutions that are destroying this country and colonizing it with armies of aliens. Concomitantly, we must be build a wide constellation of alternative groups and organizations that can wean both our average and elite citizens away from the pernicious control mechanisms used to turn them against their interests (media, Hollywood, K12 education, universities, corporations, etc), or at least give a significant fraction the awareness and tools for resisting much of that control.

It is critical that we have many different, independent movements and organizations that cover a broad spectrum of beliefs. Obsessing about ideological purity hurts our broader cause. We need to build bridges to our misguided kin and sympathetic non-Whites. Likewise, we need to defend the rights of our more extreme brethren and encourage others to genuinely try to understand their perspective. We must break the leftist and Jewish (see Neocons and Lawrence Auster) strategem of manipulating Whites into condemning those further to their right. More on this later.

When I say "this country", I mean what really matters: our traditional population and its culture, history, values and character that make us distinctive, not some abstract, universal ideology making us easy pickings for our elite overlords, particularly the Jewish ones, who advocate diametrically opposed policies for Israel. An outrage of modern America is that our healthy patriotism has been harnessed by our enemies to manipulate many Whites into supporting causes directly against their interests, like Neocon imperialism, American exceptionalism hubris, proposition nation ideology, anti-White discrimination, among others.

I plan to discuss relations between non-elite Whites and other groups, like elite Whites, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and so on in more detail later, as well as the fact that we must try to understand why some Whites have been co-opted to anti-White activism. One critical point: we must try to understand how they see the world, why they think their policies are highly moral and we must provide intellectually and morally persuasive arguments to rebut their strongest arguments while explaining our vision effectively.

One example of an anti-White institution is the Roman Catholic Church, which, for the last few decades, has relentlessly pushed open borders, propagandized its parishioners and transferred massive wealth from White members to illegal aliens and refugees, among others. A lot of Catholics aren't happy about this and some have voted with their feet by leaving the Church. A more constructive response is to start organizing, speaking out and talking with little old Catholic ladies, who normally leave lots of money to the Church, to educate them on how the Church has betrayed this country, its citizens and the Church's legacy. This isn't the Church of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen or Father Charles Coughlin. The Church would likely "rediscover its patriotism" if Whitey stopped paying the bills, or at least it might split into traditionalist versus social justice factions. Some rural parishes aren't getting the wall-to-wall indoctrination like the urban ones, so if they had more awareness of the problem, they could apply more pressure. Another approach is to pursuade millions of Catholics to convert to various Orthodox faiths that aren't agitating for the destruction of our country and people. A good chunk of illegal alien Hispanics go to church just to get free goodies and won't be contributing all that much to the Church's wealth in the future.

Similar efforts should be made in other churches fed up with the leftists gutting or inverting traditional beliefs in favor of "social justice". And the traditionalist dissenters shouldn't slink out quietly, but forcefully litigate to receive their fair share of church assets and property if the leftists don't want to share equitably.

Likewise for the rest of our "civil society" institutions now in thrall to evil or corrupt elites. More on this later.

The decline also reflects the cultural and moral decline of our mass population over the last half century. If we create alternatives to our current "civil society" institutions, we can reverse this decline, at least for a portion of our population.

If amnesty passes, I think the best we can likely hope for will be to break this country up into pieces, leaving those parts heavily populated by SWPLs, aliens, Jews and thuggish minorities the freedom to create their multicultural utopia, attempt to continue the American Empire for Israel and rabidly promote gay marriage, group marriage, child marriage, animal marriage, and whatever else they claim are inalienable human rights that are intuitively obvious to everyone decent. Whatever dudes. Nice knowin' ya.

To be clear I believe there is a small but important subset of certain minorities that is thuggish. A major modern corruption is that the ethnic leadership and a disturbingly large portion of the average folks within those minorities defend and excuse the thugs' atrocious behavior instead of anathamatizing it like Whites do for their own much smaller population of thugs. It's an important piece of evidence that they're behaving very ethnocentrically and we'd better behave likewise.

The more traditional parts of America can create a new and improved Constitution(s) that try to fix the fatal flaws of our current one and have more cohesive populations. By breaking up the country, we'll allow regional diversity where San Francisco can really step on the gas pursuing their philosophy to its logical conclusions without any concern for the "prudes" in Oklahoma. More power to 'em. I think it would be highly instructive for the survivors.

Roughly speaking we would break between the red states and the blue states, although there is no reason to preserve existing state boundaries, when many states have polarized subregions. There would be complications in handling a variety a urban areas, like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and so on, but in some cases they could have a good chunk of their metropolitian statistical areas and some countryside for additional growth while in others they might contain a much broader local region. The predominant population and values of the local community could determine the choices. I would anticipate some migrations between different regions by people wanting to live in an environment friendly to their values, culture, ethnic group or other interests.

There are many ways to partition the country and different approaches to how they would interrelate or not. To list just a few possibilities:
  • Articles of Conferation style weak central government with more powers devolved to the states, including some states banding together to enforce common secured borders

  • Breakup into several smaller independent countries, from two or three to twenty or thirty

    • Varying levels of cooperation between countries, e.g. economies, transportation, R&D, etc.

    • Different countries could have different Constitutions and follow different values and policies.

      For example, some could be ethnic nations, while others could be multiracial. The ethnic nations probably wouldn't be 100% pure, so much as overwhelming controlled by one ethnic group, and preferring to remain that way through strong control of the border and interior.

    • Some ethnic states may choose to limit Jews so their own population could lead and develop its own culture and institutions without being displaced by this high-performance, highly ethnocentric elite, just like Black nationalist states would likely choose to limit the role of Whites so Blacks would occupy most of the leadership and elite positions. Other states would likely be dominated by Jews as the elites or crypto-elites, so they would still have plenty of places to flourish.

    • Many details would need to be negotiated to disentangle existing commitments and allowing reasonably efficient transportation (this is secondary to sovereignty though)
There are many ideas related to breaking the US into more manageable parts and the notion is gaining momentum. It may also be possible to accomplish the division in a fairly civilized manner. Some models for the subsequent inter-American relationships would be the traditional American-Canadian relationship or the pre-EU modern Europe, where national borders were enforced but substantial interaction and trade still flourished. For this to become a reality, there must be many people exploring and developing many concrete ideas that can then be promoted among various segments of our population. More on this later.

Most Americans did not sign up for this highly risky social experiment that involves massively colonizing our country with low social capital or incompatible aliens. And frankly, even if some of the immigrants are great people with high abilities, like some Asians and even Africans (I know some professional Igbo that are impressive, including having very high marriage rates), why should our homelands be colonized, while their homelands remain ethnic strongholds. The con game is that pretty much ONLY Whites are being colonized.

If the elites think it's such a great idea, why don't we partition the country and try the experiment for fifty or one hundred years in perhaps 30% to 40% of the country and assess the results before committing the entire country. This is simple risk management.

Even worse, pretty much every White homeland in the world is simultaneously engaging in the same risky, essentially irreversible experiment. Whites need to wake up and take back at least a portion of our homelands for ourselves and our descendants. Sure, some Whites are culturally and racially suicidal. That's their right. But it's time the rest of us escape their insane gamble that will likely fail spectacularly with dire results for our people, forever.


  1. essentially irreversible?

    No, that's defeatist. It will be difficult to reverse but not impossible ... never impossible, essentially or otherwise.


    Check out what Barry Mehler [- -], a far-leftist pro-immigration activist recently said in a comment on an immigration article on Jewcy:

  3. @Guessedworker

    Well, "essentially" is a bit of a hedge word that encapsulates my belief that the more colonized and intermixed we become, the more difficult it would be for us to disentangle.

    To me the future is very murky because it might evolve in many different ways ranging from the successful creation of a multiracial, multicultural society (which I think is theoretically possible but EXTREMELY unlikely), through White displacement with a variety of possibilities (e.g. persecution versus becoming part of a Brazilian like upper class) and other possibilities like the fracturing of the country in any number of ways, all the way to the more ambitious scenario you outline in your essay of Whites successfully reclaiming their homelands and ethnocentrism, or perhaps some oddball, wildcard scenario almost no one forsees.

    A major problem now is that so many Whites are brainwashed into celebrating their displacement and marginalization as some kind of moral achievement and atonement for White guilt.

    We must confront the fact that Whites are deeply divided, particularly the disturbing fraction of our cognitive elites who've been co-opted. As Kevin MacDonald discussed, Whites have had an internal culture of critique that is an important key in understanding why Whites are so deracinated and self-hating, though I believe various Jewish influences are the most significant category of causes.

    So it seems to me a precondition to achieving White survival and prospering, including your vision for saving Europe and possibly America with White ethnostates, is a wide ranging effort to weaken, subvert, replace or neutralize many of the anti-White institutions, like Hollywood, the media, education and academia, advertising, corporations, etc. The goal is to provide antidotes to the brainwashing currently enslaving most Whites, both average and elite.

    One of the goals of my blog is to toss out some ideas that might help some of these causes because Whites need to act to reclaim our identity and ethnocentrism, since EVERY other group has an aggressive lobby pursuing its interests, many times with broad sympathy within the wider ethnic community (unlike deracinated Whites).

    I think there is reason for optimism because the cause of justice and simple fairness is on our side and I believe, among other factors, there is a tremendous opportunity to apply a withering critique to our opponents using their own tools and techniques. This is something I plan to explore more in future posts.

  4. @Eman

    Thanks for the compliment and the heads up on Mehler's comment. I had seen someone reference it but hadn't actually read it.

    Wow. It reeks of anti-White hatred and schadenfreude as he gleefully anticipates the marginalization of Whites by Hispanics and other 3rd Worlders. This guy also seems to have worked with the $PLC and the ADL and appears to be a pioneer in the "anti-racism movement".

    Maybe he can give a little attention to the racism and supremacism documented by the late Holocaust survivor and Israeli professor Israel Shahak, including his book Jewish History, Jewish Religion, which is available in full at

    I'm sure Mehler is just as outspoken in wanting Israel to be a proposition nation that scraps its racist Law of Return and legalized discrimination against non-Jews while ceasing its shabby treatment of the occupied Palestinians. NOT!

    Nor surprisingly, the board of his organization,
    The Institute for the Study of Academic Racism, looks like the membership roster of a synagogue.

    Barry Mehler is exactly the sort of White-hating Jew that Whites have silently tolerated for too long. We need to recognize that Whites and Jews have radically different interests and if Jews want to continue attacking and undermining Whites, Whites need to return the favor for things the Jews value, like Israel.

  5. This post is bursting with ideas. You're really doing an outstanding job with this blog.

    One critical point: we must try to understand how they see the world, why they think their policies are highly moral and we must provide intellectually and morally persuasive arguments to rebut their strongest arguments while explaining our vision effectively.

    I know European-Americans United is working on a project in this area, researching the tactics of successful political movements. But this is definitely an area that white activists tend to ignore. I'm of the opinion that politics is less than half the content of your ideas, with the remaining >50% portion being how skillfully your ideas are presented. Style trumps substance for a great portion of the population.

  6. Thanks for your comment Scotch and double-thanks again for this excellent post and overall brilliant blog...keep writing forever!

    Weston - how reliable/trustworthy is this "European Americans United" group?

    Their website isn't that great because it's too sparse [- -], but they have a pretty good platform and most especially a really great organization name because it's very positive and non-threatening...perfect for a nationwide pro-White American movement, actually. I was going to use that name a few months ago to start a pro-White org. before I saw it was already being used. I then wanted to join them but you have to pay them dues and give them a lot of personal info too, made me a bit paranoid about the org. being a possible front organization for the U.S. federal govt. or possibly a Jewish/Zionist org. which is attempting to surreptitiously gather the names and information of pro-White activists in the USA.

    Can you give me more info on European Americans United? Is it a trustworthy group?

  7. Eman,

    European-Americans United runs the website "Western Voices World News", which I think is a fine blog.

    You can check WVWN out and get a little bit more of an idea of what European-Americans United is all about.

    EAU seems like it's on the level to me, but all I know about the group is what they present to the public. What I like about EAU is the point you made about the name--they tend to be positive and they avoid the sort of lowbrow "racism" that I think turns off a lot of our unconverted co-ethnics. I suppose I should add that plenty of organizations (all paleocons, for example) make a point of avoiding "racism". EAU is "racist" in that it's explicitly pro-white, but they package their message in much more appealing way than does a site like Stormfront or VNN. And I believe that Stormfront and VNN have their place, too. As Scotchfiend said in this post, we need a variety of pro-white groups with a variety of tones and positions.

  8. Great blog, Scotchfiend.

    You said: So it seems to me a precondition to achieving White survival and prospering, including your vision for saving Europe and possibly America with White ethnostates, is a wide ranging effort to weaken, subvert, replace or neutralize many of the anti-White institutions, like Hollywood, the media, education and academia, advertising, corporations, etc. The goal is to provide antidotes to the brainwashing currently enslaving most Whites, both average and elite.

    I found this:
    They say: Philosophy

    As an alternative to Hollywood, we seek to restore the American Dream and promote those qualities that made our country great. Unlike the proponents of pop culture, we will not propagandize with falsehoods, nor desensitize the public with a relentless stream of venal and decadent entertainment. We look to entertain in positive ways with honor and integrity, and create classic stories and characters that can be beacons of light - to entertain, inform and help recapture the vision and spirit of our founding fathers – the spirit of Americana.

    I wonder if you'd check it out and see if you think it is legitimately pro-White?

    I am in no way, shape or form associated with the link. I just came across it on the Web. But as just an average White Jane, I am hopeful that if we COULD get movies with positive messages about White European Americans, it would go a LONG way towards restoring our people's pride and will to live, prosper and reproduce.

  9. Weston & Eman,

    Thanks for the kind words. It's a lot of work for me to think through and write my posts, so its encouraging to hear that folks appreciate them.

    Yeah, Western Voices World News is a great blog. I had stuck its bookmark in an obscure folder and had stopped actively checking it. I'm adding it as one of my blogs of interest on my blog's sidebar.

    It sounds like European Americans United is a decent group. I think the big problem is not so much the government, since I don't think they'll prosecute various pro-White advocates because that kind of power grab destroying the First Amendment would cause a serious backlash, but rather the way "civil society" anathematizes pro-Whites. In some cases these are technically government, like public universities that apparently forbid pro-White student groups, but mostly I think it is private organizations like risk averse corporations that may want to avoid negative publicity, or leftist-dominated educational systems.

    One great thing about the internet is it opens up many possibilities for discussion, activism and coordination without bothering with formal organizations, which is particularly important because of the persecution that pro-White advocates currently suffer from. I plan to explore this soon.

    Right now, like Weston alluded to, even non-racial paleo organizations, like Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University have been denounced as racists, physically harassed and had their property attacked. We need to relentlessly attack these hypocritical, immoral double standards where every non-White ethnic group can "celebrate" its identity, history, culture, peoplehood, etc, while Whites are treated as evil racists if they want the exact same rights (in fact we're attacked for wanting a lot less).

    Weston and I are on the same page with the need for many different kinds of organizations advocating for Whites. The vision is to normalize the full spectrum from White-friendly through crypto-White, pro-White and destinations further rightward, and to cover similar ground to the various non-White advocacy groups, including professional, political, legal, social, economic and cultural organizations.

    I plan on doing some posts discussing these topics in more detail soon.

  10. Anonymous White Jane,

    Thanks and good catch. You preempted one of my upcoming blog posts which will discuss the need to engage a wide variety of artists and creative folks. Just a couple of weeks ago, Merlin Miller, the founder of Americana Pictures wrote an article, Americana Pictures — Restoring the Dream for the Occidental Observer. These are exactly the kind of efforts we need to nurture to counter the anti-White trash pumped out of Hollywood.

    Incidentally, I consider the Occidental Observer required reading for White advocates. They've been putting out a new article every three days or so and one of my heroes, Kevin MacDonald, the leading White advocacy scholar, seems to be involved in running this magazine.

    I agree that we need to begin creating pro-White content and getting it in front of our masses and elites.

    Preview: We need a full range of content, drama, comedy, romance, family, talk shows, self-help, and so on, and we need to not just be pro-White, but attack and undermine our anti-White enemies using a broad variety of techniques. In saying this I don't mean to attack whole groups crudely, like Blacks or Jews, but to target the subsets that mean us harm, like thug Blacks and their Black leadership enablers, or anti-White Jews.

    I plan an upcoming post exploring how Whites might try to create constructive relations with other groups, even if it's just based on mutual benefit or avoiding mutual antagonism, as opposed to deep affection.

    One great thing about creating alternative pro-White organizations and businesses will be the reduction of revenue streams currently feeding our enemies while redirecting some of this to White advocates.

  11. Hi, Scotchfiend,
    You said:
    You preempted one of my upcoming blog posts

    Oops! Sorry!

    Actually, please don't let your blog post be preempted. I for one would very much like to read a post about all the pro-White entertainers you know of and how to encourage more. I definitely like the idea of de-funding our underminers and would like your thoughts how to go about doing that, who we should patronize and who not.

    Anonymous White Jane

  12. Anonymous White Jane,

    No worries. "preemption" was just a little joke since we were on the same wavelength.

    I actually have no particular knowledge of pro-White entertainers or any web sites that may list them or any pro-White entertainment organizations. I think we need to create more sites that help Whites understand, analyze, discuss and organize, again targeted to a broad range of different Whites.

    I would suspect an entertainer coming out as pro-White would be the kiss-of-death for a mainstream career given the reigning anti-White "civil society", unlike strongly ethnocentric non-Whites who are perfectly acceptable.

    Hopefully we can erode this sort of one-sided oppression of Whites. I think we must start with more subtle implicit or traditional White identity.

    I'll try to do this essay within the next week or two.

  13. Excellent post, and thanks for the Article on the 'NO Discussion please, we're Jewish". What many of you forget is that it is the RELIGIOUS angle that is absolutely necessary if we are to recapture Christendom.

    That is where I have pitched my tent, and shrewish harpies from Australia notwithstanding, I seem to be making inroads as well...LOL

    We must all work together, or (as a Founding Father said) We shall all hang separately.

    God bless.
    Fr John+
    www.thewhitechrist [dot]word press[ dot] com

  14. Scotchfriend: the more colonized and intermixed we become, the more difficult it would be for us to disentangle.And the more clear must be our sense of who we are, and the more determined we must be to cleave to it.

    For myself, I will accept no cost to my English people from this long attempt to destroy us. We must arise with raiments unsullied and moral certitude unshaken.

    Never speak of compromise. Never, never speak of failure. Every word of that ilk which you utter makes it more certain that our enemies will pull us nearer to destruction.

  15. Shaking and sullying is reserved for the Germans! ;)

    Desmond Jones

  16. "No, that's defeatist."

    "Never, never speak of failure."

    How's dem fer hedge words.

  17. @Guessedworker

    In general when discussing Whites' situation, I'm usually centered on America. Here in the US we've been heavily colonized by non-Whites over the last 45 years through both legal and illegal immigration. Over the last twenty years, in spite of a series of large amnesties, they've done very little immigration enforcement, so we probably have 20-30+ million illegal aliens, the largest group being from Mexico. They are now present in almost every corner of the country, even small towns out in the country.

    Another problem we have is relentless, anti-White, multicultural propaganda throughout our advertising, TV shows, movies, magazines, etc, including some miscegenation glamorization. There is a distinct trend toward interracial mixing, which makes it harder for the blended extended families to be White ethnocentric, because they have non-White relatives. Some people have commented on how this created a politically correct atmosphere within their family gatherings.

    So we're in a race to wake up enough Whites before we're swamped and marginalized. We're almost at the point that children entering elementary school will be 50% non-White. And the traitorous Jewish Neocons are trying to get as many foreigners in our military as possible to fight their wars for Israel and, probably, to be more willing to attack American civilians trying to preserve Jewish-dominated federal power, if we suffer civil disorder. The only "good" thing about our situation is that some states like California, Texas, Florida and New York are heavily populated by foreigners, while others are still somewhat White, at least for the near term. This allows a partitioning of the country to possibly be successful if enough people buy into it.

    I sympathize with and share your anger because we've really been set up badly in nearly all of our historic homelands, particularly England and the other English-speaking countries. Fortunately for England, I don't think you all aren't as far gone as we are demographically.

    I try to look at things analytically and objectively. Pragmatically, I think the sine qua non of White advocacy is the reclaiming of healthy White ethnocentrism by enough Whites that we can stop our current banishment from "civil society". Right now, even the new non-racial university group, Youth for Western Civilization has been denounced as racists and White supremacists and even has their own $PLC warning. We need to get to the point that we can do EXACTLY what every other non-White or Jewish group gets to do.

    From my perspective it would be better to accept a partial victory, like creating a few White ethnostates in the US, say in 30-70% of the territory, rather than aiming for a maximal victory. One complication is that if the message is too radical in one step, we might have trouble getting a sizable chunk of our people to begin moving toward racial realism and White advocacy. I see the need to have many, many groups that inhabit different niches within the White advocacy ecosystem, and by doing this, we can create a pipeline that raises understanding and commitment while channeling our people from mild to moderate to strong White advocacy.

    I think there is great uncertainty in what will happen and what is possible, so we need to be flexible in re-evaluating and trying different strategies and tactics.