Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Outstanding Documentary: A Conversation About Race

I've just seen the new documentary A Conversation About Race by first-time film maker Craig Bodeker. Wow! What a fantastic exploration of the anti-White double standards surrounding "racism" in modern America. Please purchase a personal copy, show it to family and friends and consider giving it as a gift. The movie costs $20, including shipping and handling. It looks like you can watch it free online as well.

I believe this documentary will help awaken some of the brainwashed Whites to the unfairness of our "civil society" and make them receptive to Whites openly pursuing their interests as much all other groups.

This is exactly the sort highly intelligent, fair-minded and thoughtful film maker we need to articulate the White side of story that is never shown by the mainstream media or Hollywood (except to condemn White advocates). I have great hopes for Mr. Bodeker's future works, some of which will hopefully explore issues from a pro-White perspective, including various topics never discussed honestly by the MSM and Hollywood.

Hopefully many other White advocates will follow Mr. Bodeker's lead and create additional works spanning the full range of news and cultural products to counter the pervasive anti-White propaganda of our ruling elites.

Whites have tremendous talents and resources which are mostly being misdirected against our long-term interests. By breaking out of the "anti-White matrix" and creating more "red pills", there will be a positive feedback effect recruiting more and more Whites to awaken, some of whom will become activists and contributers.

Just two years ago I myself was a fairly conventional, colorblind, neoconned, pro-Jewish conservative.

Not anymore, thanks to the red pills on the internet.

Thank you Mr. Bodeker for manufacturing a giant batch of red pills!

Hopefully the rest of us can help spread them around and produce more in our own modest ways.

Updated 2009-07-29: fixed a grammar error and added a bit more