Thursday, January 29, 2009

A General Discussion of Jewish Influence in Response to Some Questions

This post follows up a discussion from a thread on the thought-provoking Roissy In DC blog.

I had started participating in that thread with this initial post.


I've removed the bulk of this post for now because I want to divide it into smaller, focused, independent pieces.

I also want to improve its tone because my goal is not to rant (at least not too much!), but hopefully be constructive.

I plan to post new-and-hopefully-improved chunks as each is done and to edit this post to act as a table of contents.

Also, I'm planning to post soon on other topics like Civil Defense, Why I Gave up on the Color Blind Society, and so on. I want this blog to discuss a broad range of topics although the overarching theme is concern for the state of the US, the West and Whites.


See: Disclaimer: Group Reasoning


This is the original huge post I'm in the process of editing into smaller pieces. I guess I'll leave it here for reference.

See: Original Giant Post


See: Some Jews Supportive of White Advocacy