Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Outstanding Documentary: A Conversation About Race

I've just seen the new documentary A Conversation About Race by first-time film maker Craig Bodeker. Wow! What a fantastic exploration of the anti-White double standards surrounding "racism" in modern America. Please purchase a personal copy, show it to family and friends and consider giving it as a gift. The movie costs $20, including shipping and handling. It looks like you can watch it free online as well.

I believe this documentary will help awaken some of the brainwashed Whites to the unfairness of our "civil society" and make them receptive to Whites openly pursuing their interests as much all other groups.

This is exactly the sort highly intelligent, fair-minded and thoughtful film maker we need to articulate the White side of story that is never shown by the mainstream media or Hollywood (except to condemn White advocates). I have great hopes for Mr. Bodeker's future works, some of which will hopefully explore issues from a pro-White perspective, including various topics never discussed honestly by the MSM and Hollywood.

Hopefully many other White advocates will follow Mr. Bodeker's lead and create additional works spanning the full range of news and cultural products to counter the pervasive anti-White propaganda of our ruling elites.

Whites have tremendous talents and resources which are mostly being misdirected against our long-term interests. By breaking out of the "anti-White matrix" and creating more "red pills", there will be a positive feedback effect recruiting more and more Whites to awaken, some of whom will become activists and contributers.

Just two years ago I myself was a fairly conventional, colorblind, neoconned, pro-Jewish conservative.

Not anymore, thanks to the red pills on the internet.

Thank you Mr. Bodeker for manufacturing a giant batch of red pills!

Hopefully the rest of us can help spread them around and produce more in our own modest ways.

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  1. Hi, Scotchfiend,
    This comment really isn't germane to this post, but I couldn't find where to email you.

    You might be aware of Glenn Beck, and that he recently said, in plain language, Obama is racist. The clip is on Occidental Dissent.
    There's also a follow-up clip on Beck's site.

    Well, now the left, in the person of Donnie Deutsch on MSNBC, is trying to get a boycott going against Beck's advertisers in order to get them to pull their advertising from his show, thus killing Beck's show because he DARED to criticize The One.

    I, on my own accord, have emailed those advertisers on his show that I buy from, to tell them that I, for own, do NOT support the boycott, that I intend to keep watching the Glenn Beck show and intend to keep buying their products (unless they stop advertising on Beck's show so that I forget -- smile.)

    I think it would be great if you'd do a post to ask your readers if they might do the same?
    It seems to me, for those FEW mainstream media hosts who DARE to venture into truth-telling, it's important we support them. Emailing the cos. to tell them we do NOT support the boycott might make a real impression, as companies know that most people say nothing, so when a few do, there are probably MILLIONS who feel the same.

    Here's the list of Beck's advertisers that Deutsch is targeting for boycott:

    Anonymous White Jane

  2. Hi Anonymous White Jane (Barb, right?),

    You can email me at gmail using my blog handle, scotchfiend (It is mentioned at the bottom of the About Me section on the sidebar).

    I can't say I particularly trust Glenn Beck because he appears to have a lot of neocon influence and participated in the apparently organized media/government campaign claiming that White supremacists will work with al-Qaeda to attack the US. I wouldn't be too surprised to see a false-flag attack designed to frame White supremacists and smear or even legally persecute all White nationalists and White advocates as well.

    I can't help but notice that Donnie Deutsch is Jewish and he wants to quiet the voice of what passes for sticking up for White people in the MSM. There's been a lot of this lately with the targeting of Pat Buchanan by an apparently coordinated group of media Jews. So much for freedom of speech. This is why we must build alternative media that gains significant market share to get out of MSM trap of setting the artificial boundaries of discourse to what the elite and corporate masters deem acceptable.

    But you're right that some of what Beck says is about as good as you ever get in the mainstream media. And I do believe if millions and tens of millions of Whites become more assertive in sticking up for our rights and group, then our "civil society", particularly the media and Hollywood, would be forced to bend towards less oppression of Whites to try to maintain its legitimacy.

    So good luck with pressuring advertisers. Hopefully some of my readers will contact them as well and I'll even do a few myself.

  3. there is alot of talk about this. The guy over at has been covering some of this...his stuff is good too.

    But there seems to be hiding of information still by many of the official news sites thats obvious.

  4. Boedeker's movie is a terrific job! I had seen several clips of it, and then I got to watch the whole thing. It is truly an outstanding piece of work and should be required for all white high school and college students.