Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Existing "Leadership" of Whites is Inauthentic and Illegitimate

The current "leadership" of Whites in "our" "civil society" is illegitimate and inauthentic. They've been turned against their own people and heritage through the inculcation of an anti-White false consciousness.

This "leadership" is not explicitly White because it is taboo for Whites to EVER specifically advocate for White interests. This is just one of the many double standards where Whites are held to different and "higher" standards than EVERY other group: Whites are supposed to be post-racial and put other groups' interests above their own. In fact they can't even publically discuss having interests without being smeared as "White supremacists". The only allowable public discourse by Whites as Whites is degrading self-abasement. We're not even supposed to THINK about having interests as Whites. Instead we're supposed to be patriotard "Americans" who care about what's good for "America", even as Amerikwa morphs into an alien Orwellian totalitarianism that despises our people, culture and heritage. Naturally none of these post-racial rules apply to all the cherished non-Whites who can aggressively and openly pursue their group interests with the full support and encouragement of "our" "civil society" which "celebrates" them, unlike Whites, who are officially reviled. Non-Whites are also gaining individual rights superior to Whites, as affirmative action and hate crime laws illustrate.

The US is literally a non-White supremacist system and if we dare speak out against this injustice or our very deliberately planned dispossession, we are slandered as "White supremacists".

Our "leadership" isn't even implicitly White because that implies they would be at least slightly pro-White, if only unconsciously or tacitly due to the oppressive anti-White control system dominating Amerikwa. Sadly, "our" "leadership" is actually anti-White, both implicitly and explicity. It is de rigueur for White "leaders" to extravagently rhapsodize on multiculturalism, racial inclusiveness and diversity while deliberately ignoring, belittling or condemning their Whiteness. Such White elites are inauthentic because they are brainwashed with an anti-White ideology that they continually kowtow to, glorify and strengthen instead of resisting or subverting. Therefore, they have no authority or legitimacy as White leaders. One of our most important goals must be to reclaim our voices and interests as Whites and spread awareness that Whites infected with anti-White false consciousness are unworthy frauds undeserving of respect, trust or the delegation of power by our people. They are White Uncle Toms and Judas goats.

Admittedly, some of these leaders, like most Whites, are in a difficult position, because the system severly punishes pro-White rhetoric or action. Hopefully as we begin transforming the culture through creating alternative institutions that gain credibility, some of the currently intimidated leadership will find their White voices, accelerating the legitimate reclaiming of our interests and share of power.

Our non-crypto alternative institutions must continually expose the anti-White agenda of our current institutions and "leadership" class and strive to erode their legitimacy of the system and its "leaders".

As two very insightful pro-White thinkers, Tanstaafl and Fred Scrooby, who comments frequently at Occidental Dissent and Majority Rights, have explained very clearly and convincingly, these people actually support White genocide: they think Whites have no right to exist in the future and look forward to the day when Whites are mixed away into irreversible racial oblivion. Their desires and policies are literally genocidal.

Whites can be logically consistent and morally upright by supporting the self-determination and survival of both ourselves and other groups. We should build friendly alliances with any willing allies, including non-Whites, to oppose the globalist juggernaut that threatens most nations and peoples worldwide, including ourselves. We should propose healthy, mutually beneficial, non-exploitative relationships between nations and peoples. Just because we're pro-White doesn't mean we're anti-non-White. There are many potential allies who are sick of the corrosive effects of forced globalism and imperialism. Just like multiculturalism, there can be a good globalism, but it would be quite different than the reigning system of meddling, manipulation, coercision, exploitation and violence. For reference, a good multiculturalism respects the automony of different peoples and encourages mutually beneficial, respectful and voluntary interaction to whatever degree each nation desires.

We should also look for allies within Amerikwa disenchanted with the current system and who desire change. This includes secessionists, libertarians, non-White nationalists, anti-imperialists, anti-globalists, anarchists, etc. Realistically, Amerikwa is too far gone for Whites to recover our historic White nation throughout the entire US, but if we can get some decent fraction for ourselves and our posterity that would be much better than what is planned for us, namely effective racial genocide, the continued campaign of anti-White demonization, the theft of White wealth and productivity, and kulak-like scapegoating for any failure to achieve post-racial Utopia, which is absolutely certain to occur because its equality ideology is based on lies that violate the laws of nature, accompanied by persecution and probably mass executions, among many other attacks and injustices against Whites.

An important factor in the perversion of White "leadership" has been the undeserved "White guilt" gradually imposed on most Whites and their trusted institutions for at least the last seventy years. This ridiculously overplayed scam springs from many sources, including some mostly internal Whites sources like 1) innate White character and thought processes where we try to be fair and open-minded about some historical excesses against other groups, 2) aspects of Christianity enabling its current transformation to promoting multicultural and White guilt shibboleths, and 3) White radicalism in various guises, like the Transcendentalists. But probably the greatest single factor has been the long-running campaign of anti-White subversion orchestrated by various powerful Jewish sources, including organizations and movements having their minions positioned within many power structures, both formal and informal. We need to destroy the hold of "White guilt" over most Whites through concrete projects and actions.

We also need to change White culture so Whites stop caring so much whether other groups "like" them or not or whether Whites are being "fair enough" to non-Whites. Alternative churches need to arise that reject modern mainstream Christianity with its promotion of White guilt and groveling while traditional anti-White churches need to lose many members and much wealth when they push their anti-White agenda.

The left and the cultural Marxists have given us a powerful set of tools to critique their own illegitimate power over Whites. Basically all of their ideas and rhetoric can be slightly tweaked and applied right back at them: power, supremacism, bigotry, privilege, authenticity, colonialism, identity, false consciousness, etc, etc, etc. At least it will work for most Whites who still believe in facts, logic, truth, objectivity and fairness, like many Whites do.

The main reason the anti-White multicultural left befuddles so many Whites is the long-running delusional "reality" constructed by Hollywood and the mainstream media combined with their lock over other critical institutions of influence. As people see the products of alternate institutions that accurately reflect reality and directly confront many taboos, the anti-Whites seemingly iron grip will soften and crumble like sand.

As a brief example, they like to claim that Whites are supposedly all-powerful and frequently oppress non-Whites. A close examination of this claim will reveal its nearly complete fallaciousness and duplicity. Many grim examples of White murders, rape, dishonest one-sided anti-White media, exploitation, inability to advocate for their own interests, persecution when merely advocating for their survival, constant demonization by "our" "civil society" among many other concrete examples will prove the evil Orwellian inversion of this allegation.

So true reality is radically different for those who don't harbor a burning hatred of Whites. This was the barest of high-level overviews of a response. We need to create many forms of rebuttal and dissent to their lies and propaganda which I'll discuss in more detail in my next post.

The goal of Whites should be to divorce themselves from this evil, anti-White system so we can pursue our own self-determination without bothering or being bothered by other peoples, especially anti-White haters. Any attempt to deny Whites any privileges granted to others is non-White supremacism: i.e. supremacism by non-Whites directed against Whites. One big lie they've succeeded in foisting on most Americans is that anyone merely concerned with White survival or advocacy is White supremacist, which is deeply dishonest, non-White supremacist and genocidal. White supremacism has been demonized thousands of times by Hollywood and the media as retrograde, psychotic, evil, fascist, nazi, ku klux klan, redneck, moronic, perverted and pretty much every other epithet under the sun. So when they slander someone with this usually false label that they've invested tremendous resources into constructing and propagandizing, they aim to shut down rational thought by provoking fear of taboo transgression and punishment, revulsion, discomfort, contempt and hatred, among many other negative and taboo markers associated with "White supremacism".

It's time to deconstruct the entire anti-White ediface. Let a thousand venus flytraps bloom!

It is 100% against White interests to have ALL of our homelands flooded with non-Whites until we become persecuted minorities in our own, former homes. Any system that pushes this policy on our people is illegitimate and immoral. There's a remote chance that the existing systems in our countries can be changed from their anti-White genocidal course through reforming the system, which we should attempt while concurrently preparing for other contingencies since the future is uncertain.

We have an excellent role model in the Jewish community which has literally thousands of organizations pursuing their interersts, including long-term strategic planning and Jewish genetic survival. Anything Jews or any other group are allowed or encouraged to do is also perfectly acceptable for Whites. To believe otherwise is a form of non-White supremacy treating Whites as second-class citizens or subhumans. The mindlessly accepted anti-White racism must be challenged. Since this pervasive anti-White racism is part of an extensive campaign waged using all the levers of power in our society, its creation and maintenance have been a carefully constructed "labor of hate"; its architects and functionaries were anything but mindless themselves. We must do many concrete tasks to begin changing this and fully assert our interests without guilt, shame or submissiveness.

I have hope that a good fraction of our own status-conscious elites, especially the younger ones, currently brainwashed into feelings of White guilt or subservience can be jolted out of this inauthentic, false consciousness by confronting them with the severe contradictions of the current anti-White ideology and inducing feelings of low status and inferiority by their being duped by this ridiculously illogical and unethical farrago of anti-White hatred and false history. We need to mess with their status obsessions by pulling the rug out of their pseudo-superiority. They're a bunch of dumbfucks for falling for such obvious scam!

In truth, it's easy to fall for the brainwashing, given the coordinated propaganda campaign emanating from the commanding heights of our society. By further building and popularizing our neutral and pro-White institutions, particularly the cultural, media, educational and organizational ones, more people will awaken from the Orwellian nightmare of Amerikwa. It won't be so easy to fall for the scam when there are thousands of cultural and media products that expose it from hundreds of different angles and millions of people are discussing the anti-White matrix.

As the consequences of the inept and corrupt "leadership" of "our" country over the last several decades finally arrive with the de facto destruction of the dollar, unwinnable, unending imperialist wars of aggression, the loss of our much of our industrial base, dwindling native ownership of American assets, greater domestic chaos and violence with fewer safe havens, the impoverishment of our working and middle class while "coincidentally" the wealthy, globalist elites loot the American taxpayer, among many other disasters, many more Whites will be searching for answers for their miserable situations and shattered faith. We must provide detailed, accurate and persuasive answers and workable solutions. Giving more power to the rotten, corrupt system and its puppetmasters most responsible for getting us into this mess is NOT the solution! They had their thousands of chances and they continually chose corruption, exploitation, lies, short-sightedness, stupidity and malevolent anti-White aggression. All the hell and despoiling this country has and will go through will have been completely avoidable. The current system and its promoters must be completely and deservedly discredited.

America was lulled into a stupor over sixty years ago and has been replaced by an alien body snatcher that superficially resembles traditional America but inwardly embodies an Orwellian inversion of its traditional values, beliefs, culture, law, institutions and people. The Stars and Stripes might as well be a Hammer and Sickle with a Star of David for what its now represents in ideology and behavior.

We must gain a deep understanding of how America, and the West in general, and their respective institutions were perverted so thoroughly against their own people, since we want to create new robust systems resistant to such corruption over the long term. This is one of thousands of concrete projects that Whites must pursue thoughtfully through improved coordination and organization which I plan to discuss next.

The era of White kowtowing and endless apologies is coming to a close within a few decades. Whites must put their own interests first, just like everyone else. "White guilt" is just a cynical scam designed to bleed, manipulate and scapegoat Whites. It was a great con while it lasted but its practitioners better start planning for a new line of work. Those unsalvageable Whites committed to White degradation can pursue their madness in multicultural cesspools without the rest of us and with the recognition by authentic and healthy Whites that they are spiritually and psychologically deformed trolls utterly unfit to lead or speak for Whites. They and their perverted institutions can wither as authentic Whites withdraw their consent, support and presence. They may have varying motives: outright corruption, self-hatred or naivete. It doesn't matter. What does matter is they have absolutely no moral authority or authenticity. Not one shred. They will be relics of an era of malevolent manipulation against Whites that must be well-understood and guarded against in the future.

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