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Anti-White Bias: University Scholarships

This post supplements: Debunking "One Million White Ethnic Scholarships ..." by Chris de Morsella

Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and other non-Whites receive many racially-oriented scholarships without stigma. Searching for "Black Scholarships" or "African American Scholarships" yields many sites that provide real scholarships or tell how to get them. The same is true for "Hispanic Scholarships", "Asian Scholarships" and "Jewish Scholarships". Look at the huge list of large corporate donors for just one source of Hispanic scholarships (here's a separate large source).

Yet searching for "White Scholarships" or "Caucasian Scholarships" yields very few hits for getting scholarships. Many of the hits are people questioning whether any exist and how to get them if they do exist. Other hits are for scholarships where the family name "White" is part of the scholarship's name, like "Wayne F. White Scholarships". The first and only link on the first page discusses White scholarships as pretty much being limited to some scholarships for Whites to attend public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBSUs) that want to increase diversity for legal reasons since they're overwhelmingly Black.

The second results page contained another link listing a few actual White scholarships which I analyzed in detail in my previous post. As I discussed in my previous post, almost no White racial scholarships exist while the ethnic White scholarships that do exist are NOT racial scholarships but only require ethnic ancestry that some non-Whites can also claim: e.g. 1/4 Italian or 1/8 Polish. There was also one link by an explicit White advocacy group but it appears to be very small and apply to youth education unless they're misusing the word "secondary education".

Many other hits related to a few provocative attempts to create tiny, token White-only scholarships, like this ABC News story: Whites Only Scholarship Creates Outrage about the controversial attempt by the College Republicans of Boston University in 2006 to establish a one-time $250 scholarship for someone at least 1/4 White. Naturally the politically correct, multicultural crowd were outraged.

From the Harvard Crimson article above (emphasis mine):
But in interviews last night, several Harvard students said that the Caucasian-only scholarship was divisive.

“An act such as this is probably not going to help people on the other side of the table understand where the BU Republicans are coming from,” said Jason C. B. Lee ’08, president of the Harvard Black Students Association. “We’re open to discussion, but we think it should be done in a less inflammatory way.”

Leaders of Harvard’s political community agreed, criticizing the means used by the BU Republicans.

“If they want to have a serious debate about affirmative action, that’s one thing,” said Eric P. Lesser ’07, former president of the Harvard College Democrats. “But if they want to resort to these gimmicks, then that’s despicable.

“The statement they’re making is worthwhile,” said Mark A. Shepard ’08, the former vice president of the Harvard College Republicans, “but they are themselves engaging in discrimination to protest discrimination.”

“This idea is completely ridiculous,” Vijay G. Warrier ’09 said. “But if this scholarship is awarded, Indian-Americans should be allowed to apply because any reasonable usage of the term ‘Caucasian’ would include most Indians.”
All this outrage for a measly little $250 scholarship for someone who only has to be 1/4 White! The Black Student President thinks establishing a tiny scholarship for someone that is only 1/4 White is inflammatory? Wow. There are probably at least tens of millions of dollars per year in scholarships and grants ONLY for Blacks and it is "inflammatory" of Whites to create ANY vaguely White-based scholarship (1/4 White is not very restrictive)?

I'll take double standards for $1000, Alex.

There was a similar incident at the University of Rhode Island in 2006-2007 where the College Republicans ran an ad for a $100 scholarship and the Student Organizations Advisory and Review Committee tried to derecognize the College Republicans. The commissars only backed down when they came under public scrutiny by the national group FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).

This outrage at creating token White racial scholarships while ANY non-White racial or crypto-racial scholarships are encouraged is a ridiculous double standard that Whites should stop tolerating. Expose the one-way Color Blind Con Game (TM) to your friends and family! Discussion among ourselves is an important first step in breaking the power of our corrupt anti-White "civil society". We need to be pragmatic in recognizing that various people are at different levels of receptiveness, so our advocacy needs to be thoughtful targeted to each audience based on how much reality they can handle at that time. More on this in a future post.

It's time for Whites to advocate for themselves EXACTLY the same way that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and anybody but "hideous Whites" gets to do now. It's only fair.

We don't have much time left to fix our country because the demographics are going to be locked in soon. Once that happens, our options narrow considerably and the chance of serious ugliness increases. This topic requires more elaboration in a future post.

Probably the best we can hope for over the next three years is to prevent an illegal immigration amnesty and begin creating and strengthening alternative institutions to displace the societal control mechanisms that mentally enslave Whites directly against their interests (media, Hollywood, K12 education, higher education, advertising, etc). Again, more on this later.

Of course some of our strongest opponents are deracinated, leftist Whites and SWPL Whites. Special care needs to be taken convert more of our cognitive elites out of this subculture and to weaken its allure for our talented youth. Again, further thoughts in a future post.

Update: 2009-04-05:

It goes without saying one of our strongest opponents are a significant portion of the Jewish community, most of their organizations and many of their powerful members embedded in our elites. They have been and are strongly opposed to Whites pursuing ethnocentrism the way they rabidly do. See my Original Giant Post for my take on this with lots-o-links.

An interesting source discussing Jewish ethnocentrism is Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" which appears to be fully available here.

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