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Debunking "One Million White Ethnic Scholarships ..." by Chris de Morsella

As I write this, the fourth result of googling for "White Scholarships" is the article: One Million White Ethnic Scholarships Don’t Trouble Student Group Protesting Minority Scholarships by Chris de Morsella. This article is so deceptive and dishonest I feel compelled to correct the record by analyzing its claims in detail.

I'm planning on following up this post with a general discussion of racial and ethnic scholarships and their current anti-White bias, and will link it here when complete.

Here's the content of Mr. de Morsella's article with some comments and analysis interspersed:
  • bold emphasis is mine
  • the strange layout of the first paragraph follows the original article's format (I believe it to be a formatting error):

The Daily Free Press, the student newspaper at Boston University, recently ran

an article covering the activities of a Republican student group that was seeking to draw attention to what they call the “worst form of bigotry confronting America today,” Boston University’s College Republicans are circulating an application for a “Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship” that requires applicants be at least 25 percent Caucasian.

Joe Mroszczyk president of the student group, Boston University College Republicans, told the college's BU Today Web

site " We think giving out a scholarship based on any race is crazy" I would ask Joe is it “crazy” only when the targeted ethnic groups are people of color? To expose the glaring hypocrisy and double standards that Joe is self-righteously engaging in I did a quick Internet search on various “white” ethnic scholarship search terms and got large number of hits. If Joe is so opposed to scholarships that have an ethnic focus, I would suggest he include in his noble crusade ethnic scholarships for students from the following ethnicities as well:

Number of returned results on Google for the following searches:

  • Polish-American scholarships ~ 57,100
  • Irish American scholarships ~ 131,000
  • Italian American scholarships ~ 223,000
  • Jewish scholarships ~ 808,000
  • German American scholarships ~ 142,000
So Mr. de Morsella claims that the number of google search results corresponds to the number of scholarships! Note the title of his essay: "One Million White Ethnic Scholarships..." and these numbers, like 808,000, are the source of his "million" White scholarships!

I've done the following google searches in early March 2009. Mr. de Morsella's article was published in 2006.

for polish american scholarships: (no quotes): 143,000 hits [2006 article: 57,100 hits]
for Italian American Scholarships (no quotes): 322,000 hits [2006 article: 223,000]
for "Italian American Scholarships" (with quotes): 1660 hits

So clearly Mr. de Morsella was NOT using quotes in his google search three years ago, since the quoted results yields so few hits.

for black or african american scholarships: 1,200,000 hits

In the interests of more diverse diversity, let's use Mr. de Morsella's "methodology" to look for some more scholarship categories :

for martian american scholarships: 9,300 hits

Hey, not too shabby. I expected there to be ZERO scholarships for Martian-Americans, but according to Mr. de Morsella's "methodology", there are nearly TEN THOUSAND!!!

for martian scholarships : 32,800 hits (Marvin will be happy since he is NOT an American)
for porno scholarships: 199,000 hits (teenage interest in college just shot up over 50%!)
for pencil scholarships: 244,000 hits

One QUARTER OF A MILLION scholarships JUST for PENCILS!!! My Number Two pencils have just left for a pub crawl to celebrate their good fortune!

for desk scholarships: 1,030,000 hits

OVER A MILLION!!! I just sent my desk to catch up with my pencils!

Wow. So far I've found OVER ONE AND HALF MILLION scholarships and although I should probably keep looking to help populate safe educational spaces with a rich tapestry of oppressed and underrepresented communities (many Pencil Americans are brutalized every day. SNAP!), I'll leave further discoveries to others so I can get this post out the door.

In order to further illustrate the gross hypocrisy that underlies the incendiary claims made by Mr. Mroszczyk, I have compiled a small sampling of the plethora of white ethnic scholarships.

Note the continuing demonization of Mr. Mroszczyk, the College Republican. Mr. de Morsella is perfectly willing to stridently and, I believe, unfairly, attack the motives and character of those who disagree with him. He continues this throughout the rest of the article as you will see below.
Click here to view a sampling of white/ethnic scholarships.
I will now list the full contents of this page here. The rest of the original post will resume below.

Partial List of Scholarships for White Americans

The following is a short assortment of scholarships with a white ethnic focus. This is a casual compilation intended to demonstrate the wide availability of scholarships that are tailored and targeted for white students based on their ethnic origin. There are literally many hundreds of thousands and perhaps many millions of scholarships like these that are available for students with various white ethnic origins.

It is not a comment against these types of scholarships! ~ In fact, this web site sees nothing wrong with ethnicity being a criteria for some scholarships, including scholarships that are geared towards various white ethnic groups.

In fact, Mr. de Morsella's comrades have a HUGE problem with the existence of White scholarships. I will analyze this in more detail in my upcoming post which I will link here. Here's an article that demonstrates the controversy. Of course, Mr. de Morsella's original post was in response to this exact story.

By the same token, we also see nothing wrong in scholarships that are geared towards non-white ethnic groups and other diverse groups such as woman, GLBT, national origin, age, veteran, language speakers, people with disabilities, geographical area etc.

Given the fact of the wide availability of white/ethnic scholarships we seriously question the motives of those who are so loudly outraged at scholarships with a non-white minority focus.

I dispute the "wide availability of white/ethnic scholarships". Much of the rest of this post will analyze this in more detail, including Mr. de Morsella's supposed evidence below.


  • Pulaski Merit Scholarships - Polish
  • Abraham Fellowship - Jewish
  • Mitchell Scholarships - Irish
  • Irish American Scholarship Fund
  • UWM Polish-American Scholarship
  • Association of Italian American Charities Dr. Frank C. Marino Memorial Scholarship
  • Polish-American FREEDOM FOUNDATION Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program
  • Trans-Canada Alliance of German-Canadians - Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans National Scholarship Program
  • Walter N. and Frances Hnatiuk Scholarship - Ukranian
  • The Kosciuszko Foundation's Tuition Scholarships for Polish Americans
  • Marinelli Scholarship - Italian
  • Irish-American Scholars Program
  • Starkoff Fellowship- Jewish
  • Polish-American Congress Scholarship
  • Augustus Society Italian Scholarships
  • Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship - Polish
  • Deutscher Brüderliche Bund Scholarship - German
  • Petryshyn Memorial Scholarship - Ukranian
  • Norman R. Peterson Italian Scholarship
  • Ethel Marcus Memorial Fellowship - Jewish
  • Polish Scholarship Fund, Inc.
  • National Italian American Foundation Assunta Luchetti Martino
  • Scholarship for International Studies
  • Anna and Charles Stockwitz Fund - Jewish
  • Charles and Louise Rosenbaum Scholarship Loan Fund - Jewish
  • B'nai Brith Women of Greater Hartford Scholarship
  • Massachusetts Federation of Polish Women's Clubs Scholarships
  • Jewish Social Service Agency of Metropolitan Washington
  • Levie Educational Fund Scholarship - Jewish
  • American Council for Polish Culture Scholarship Challenge Grant
  • George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business - Italian
  • Marcus and Theresa Levie Educational Fund - Jewish
  • The Roothbert Fund - Jewish
  • Polish American Club Scholarship
  • Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarship
  • Jewish War Veterans of the USA - Scholarship
  • National Italian American Foundation George L. Graziado Fellowship for Business
  • National Italian American Foundation Merrill Lynch Scholarship
  • Jewish Welfare Board Scholarship
  • Amelia Greenbaum Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation National Italian American Foundation
  • National Italian American Foundation Alexander Defilippis Scholarship
  • Encouragement Scholarship -Jewish
  • Vincent Viceglia Fellowship- Italian
  • Free Sons of Israel - Jewish Scholarship
  • Polish American Arts Association Scholarship
  • Frank L. Weil Memorial Scholarship - Jewish
  • Adele Kagen Scholarship Fund - Jewish
  • National Italian American Foundation Bolla Wines Scholarship
  • Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship

OK. So I count 51 items on the list. But actually the "Assunta Luchetti Martino" line is continued on the next line with the "Scholarship for International Studies", so there are actually 50 items.

19 of 50 items are Jewish. I sampled the requirements for five of the Jewish scholarships and they ALL required the applicant to be JEWISH. That is NOT available to most Whites, since Jews are only 2% of the American population while non-Jewish and non-Hispanic Whites are around 66% of the population. In fact the Jewish scholarships do NOT have a White racial requirement but a Jewish religious or ethnic one. This leaves 31 non-Jewish scholarships in his list.

Jews don't really count as White because they usually fiercely assert a separate identity, including a sense of superiority to Whites and contempt for Christianity. If I had to make a wild guess, I'd say perhaps 60+% of Jews feel this way, but this is an experimental question to be determined by evidence. Also, historically and currently, many powerful sections of the Jewish community work against the interests of non-Jewish Whites, including being instrumental in overturning the national origin quota in 1965, which was the sine qua non in destroying traditional America.

Many of the remaining items are NOT restricted by ethnicity. I did a sample of around 15 and 9 were NOT restricted to Whites. Some USED to have ethnic requirements in the past, but now are open to ANY student (e.g. Deutscher Brüderliche Bund is open to anyone who takes one year of German). If you drill into the list, you'll see most are very modest, like $250-$2000 one time scholarships. You can get a sense for how big or notable many of these scholarships are by noting that Mr. de Morsella's article frequently appears right at the top of any google search for these scholarships even though he just mentions these scholarships as one line each in his post.

Among the ones I sampled that were NOT restricted to Whites OR White ethnic descent are: Mitchell Scholarships, Irish American Scholarship Fund, Irish-American Scholars Program, Marinelli Scholarship, UWM Polish-American Scholarship, Dr. Frank C. Marino Memorial Scholarship (preference but not requirement for Italian descent) and Deutscher Brüderliche Bund Scholarship. Two didn't even apply to Americans!

Look at the winners of 2009-2010 Mitchell Scholarship. There is a Black and likely an Asian Muslim, a Hispanic and at least one Jew. Reading the requirements demonstrates NO ethnic or racial requirement.

The Irish American Scholarship fund is another that doesn't seem active anymore (as of 2009 the current year on their web page and application is 2006). There is no ethnic requirement and the only mention of anything vaguely ethnic is the following question:

List the names of any Irish organizations in which you or your family are members:
The Irish American Scholars Program is a national program available through many universities and enables study at universities in Northern Ireland. Again, an analysis of the program requirements indicates NO ethnic requirement whatsoever. It just involves study in Northern Ireland.

The UWM Polish-American Scholarship does NOT require Polish ancestry:

4. of Polish ancestry, OR studying Polish language, history, society, or culture, OR significantly engaged with Polish culture.
Trans-Canada Alliance of German-Canadians appears to requires attending a provincial CANADIAN University, if it's still active, since latest reference applied to 2001 and the parent organization doesn't seem to mention the scholarship on its website. This is NOT an American scholarship.

The Lane Kirkland Scholarship DOESN'T EVEN APPLY to Americans but is to train leaders from Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Polish Universities!

Mr. de Morsella seems to have the utmost confidence in google, yet he seems too lazy or dishonest to actually google the details of all these supposedly White ethnic scholarships that frequently are NOT.

Naturally his list includes NOTHING for WASPs or other long established Whites in America.

Of course SOME of the items in his list DO have an ethnic requirement, like Italian or Ukranian descent, but even here there is NO racial requirement in the six or so that I sampled, so most if not all of the actual ethnic scholarships in his list can be given to non-Whites as long as they have the required descent: a Black, Hispanic or Asian person of 1/8th Polish or 1/4th Italian descent would qualify by the stated requirements, e.g. the requirements for the Augustus Society: "You must be of Italian Descent". Or consider the Order of the Sons of Italy who require at least one Italian or Italian-American grandparent. There are NO racial restrictions in that requirement.

Another example is the National Italian American Foundation which has two categories of scholarships:

General Category I:

    Italian American students who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements. Area of study: open.
General Category II:
    Those students from any ethnic background majoring or minoring in Italian language, Italian studies, Italian American studies or a related field, who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements.

And here is how they define Italian American:

Q What qualifies an applicant as "Italian American"?

A To be considered "Italian American" for the NIAF scholarship program, the student must have at least one ancestor who has emigrated from Italy (any region).

Note: with this definition, a non-White with a great-great grandmother from Italy would qualify (1/16 Italian).

This is UNLIKE the myriad of explicitly racial and ethnic scholarships that exist for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc, but NOT for Whites. Particularly charming are the convoluted lists designed to mean "everybody BUT a White". Hahaha, that's so clever! It sails right over the heads of dumb White folks!

That's a real accurate and honest list of "White" or "White ethnic" scholarships you've got there, Chris! NOT!!!

Another major difference is how all of these modest White ethnic scholarships are financed by private interests, like community ethnic organizations or a trust from an estate, while hundreds of famous, large corporations contribute many millions of dollars to non-White ethnic scholarships every year, including some with substantial fringe benefits, like the google scholarships.

How many corporations are financing White ethnic scholarships? BARELY ANY.

How does the number and value of corporate White-only scholarships compare to the size and value of minority-0nly scholarships? MASSIVELY DISPROPORTIONATE IN FAVOR OF ANYBODY BUT HIDEOUS WHITES.

This fellow, Mr. Mance, falls hook, line and sinker for Mr. de Morsella's phony list of supposedly White scholarships and adds some more of his own. At least Mr. Mance goes to the trouble to link to the scholarships and pick out some requirements, although he still neglects to consider that descent from a nationality is NOT the same thing as a racial requirement, so that "Finnish descent" could apply to a non-White of 1/16 Finnish descent. Also, even some of the requirements he lists are NOT ethnic but sometimes just involve being a member of an ethnic organization. e.g.
Cajun French Music Association Scholarship — “to apply for this scholarship, applicant must be a member, or a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild of a member in good standing of the Lafayette Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association.”

How is that any kind of ethnic requirement? There are several more in HIS list with HIS quotes that don't have ANY ethnic requirements.


Scholarships that are targeted towards some ethnic group or another literally number in the millions. The overwhelming majority of these ethnic-scholarships are NOT targeted towards minority groups. These awards are usually NOT for groups that HAVE been historically disadvantaged in our society – but rather they target various white ethnic groups such as those listed above.

This phenomenon of white outrage at scholarships that target traditionally disadvantaged ethnic groups – a rage that is mute when it comes to the vast majority of ethnically targeted scholarships that are geared towards various white ethnicities is ignorant, ugly and unfounded.

I dispute his statement that "the overwhelming majority of these ethnic scholarships are NOT targeted towards minority groups". As show above, his list was highly deceptive and did not contain White-only scholarships. Below I will analyze another source that discusses White scholarships to get a sense of how many White scholarships there actually are. The results demonstrate his statement is bollocks, just like everyone knows.

Again, notice his vicious smearing of anyone that dares dispute the anti-White party line.

Currently there seem to be fewer and fewer scholarships that target minorities. I know this because we publish scholarship opportunities on our web site The Multicultural Advantage. In it we list scholarships, grants, and other opportunities for, not only minorities, but also for women, veterans, international students, older students, GLBT's, disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities. With each new year it is getting harder to find opportunities for minorities as these programs are being dropped as a result of the pressure being applied. Part of the reason scholarships that target disadvantaged minorities are being dropped is that this hypocritical white backlash only sees ethnic or race when they are non-white and ignores ethnic and race when it is white.

It isn't a HYPOCRITICAL backlash at all. Some Whites are sick of being pretty much the only group promoting a "color-blind" society while other groups are shamelessly ethnocentric and brazenly anti-White. They are resisting the blatant anti-White double standards that govern all the major institutions of our "civil" society. But, please, keep on demonizing and oppressing Whites because soon more and more will start "believing their lying eyes" instead of the false, hypocritical, anti-White propaganda war that dominates our society (Hollywood, advertising, media, academia, K12 education, government, etc). I myself gave up on the so-called color-blind society around two years ago because I realized it's a con game and Whites are the chumps.

I feel that it is time for a healthy backlash against this backlash that simmers in a veritable witch’s brew of misdirected anger and cloaked racism. There is nothing that evil about scholarships that have ethnic or racial focus. I doubt, for example that Joe gets hot under the collar regarding the numerous scholarships that exist for the descendents of Polish immigrants or those that are there for Irish, Italian or Jewish Americans or any number of other “white” ethnic groups. This leads me to seriously question why does this loud young Republican reserve his indignation, exclusively for the significantly smaller number of scholarships that exist for disadvantaged ethnic and racial groups.

Again. This is a lie. There are almost NO scholarships exclusively for Whites. Details further below. Almost all scholarships that Whites actually receive are open to ANYONE.

There is no consistency or integrity in this overly affected outrage, of his. It is false, and seems to me at least, to be motivated by something much darker than some righteous quest for justice or fair play.

About the Author: Chris de Morsella is Chief Operating Officer of The Multicultural Advantage, a web site that provides resources designed to help professionals from diverse backgrounds succeed in the workplace and employers increase their diversity recruiting effectiveness. Chris is our global diversity and immigration commentator. Though his roots are in technology leadership, working on key projects within companies like Microsoft, Associated Press and Thompson Publishing, his work has been focused on diversity staffing issues for over five years. Having worked in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America and being able to speak English, Italian and Spanish gives him some interesting perspectives on global diversity issues.

So Mr. de Morsella claims Mr. Mroszczyk exhibits bad faith ("affected outrage") and then continues his article-long impugning of his motives and character. Mr de Morsella questions his integrity? That's pretty rich considering the sleazy, deceptive and dishonest piece of agitprop he wrote!

Anybody who doesn't agree with him must be an evil racist. But we now know he is either a world-class gibbering idiot too lazy to check the details of his supposedly Whites-only scholarships OR intentionally deceptive and dishonest. I'm voting mostly for the latter, since his background and some other statements he's apparently made on the web demonstrate he's fairly intelligent, i.e. far too intelligent to honestly believe that google hits represent actual scholarships or are closely correlated with the number of such scholarships.

Speaking for myself, as one who sincerely believed in the color-blind society from childhood in the 1970s until around 2007, I feel genuine outrage because I'm fed up with the anti-White bias that dominates our society and pretends that the only reason Blacks or Hispanics don't achieve the same outcomes as Whites is from malevolent White racism. The ugly reality is that different groups have different abilities (e.g. American Blacks have an average IQ of 85 compared to the White average of 100 and an Ashkenazi Jewish average of around 113-115) and different cultural traits (e.g. Blacks have over 70% illegitimacy rate and less devotion to education than Whites). These differences ALSO contribute to the difference in outcomes.

If this country is so White-centric, then why are Jews and Asians doing so much better than Whites? Why is there a constant stream of politically correct animus towards Whites and Christians throughout our culture and media? I'll discuss this in more detail with references in my upcoming companion post which I'll link to here when it's complete.

Why compare Whites to Blacks when both Asians and particularly Jews have EVEN BETTER OUTCOMES than Whites? Look at the numbers of Jews attending various elite universities: THAT'S DISPROPORTIONATE! Where's the liberal and diversicrat outrage for 2% of the population taking 38% of Northwestern, 33% of Washington University (St. Louis), 30% of Yale, 28% of the University of Pennsylvania, 25.5% of Harvard, 25% of Brown, Columbia and Cornell, 21% of NYU, 18.3% of Michigan, etc? (NOTE: these are all outstanding schools and nearly all outstanding schools have more than 2% Jews: do your own search: e.g. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is about 10% Jewish as is UC Berkeley: Those are large campuses that are 5 times disproportionate).

Actual White Scholarships: Some Details

Anyone wanting to compare the relative frequencies of ethnic scholarships can start by looking at the different lists at Whites have 1 page of 6 items, four of which are NOT restricted only to Whites. Compare this with the list of African-American scholarships: 26 PAGES of 50 items per page. Wow. That's parity. Hispanics have 22 pages. Asians have 16 pages. Sure, some of these may not be exclusive, but many of them are and most are designed explicitly to exclude Whites.

The White list includes the following items:
  • Bert A. Reinero Scholarship
  • COBA Culturally Diverse Student Scholarship
  • David Fischer Minority Scholarship
  • Francis Eppes Scholarship
  • Gertrude McDaris Ruskin & Sidney H. Ruskin Scholarship Fund
  • Werner Scott Scholarship
  • Here are the details for the scholarships NOT limited to Whites of these six:

    1) COBA Culturally Diverse Student (p. 8 of text)
    2) David Fischer (applies to Eckerd College)
    3) Francis Eppes
    4) Gertrude McDaris Ruskin & Sidney H. Ruskin Scholarship Fund

    According to this page:
    David Fischer Minority, established in 2001 in honor of St. Petersburg Mayor David Fischer to help increase diversity among the Eckerd College student body.
    An analysis of the demographics of Eckerd college indicates it is predominantly White (at least 1407 out of 1835), so increasing diversity means more non-Whites.

    So 3 of the six are NOT limited to Whites in any way and an additional one is for either Cherokee or Anglo-Saxon descent. Only TWO of six are actually purely restricted to Whites. Sure this list may not be an exhaustive listing of all racial scholarships, but it reasonably accurately reflects the great disparity between White and non-White scholarships.


    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was sold as the creation of a new color-blind society where everyone was to be judged on the content of their character and NOT on the color of their skin. Almost immediately explicit discrimination was implemented via affirmative action and we've been living in an increasingly Orwellian society filled with doublethink and outright hypocrisy (i.e. supposedly we're "equal opportunity" while having blatant double standards that favor EVERY non-White minority, even groups and individuals that have NO history in the county and just got off the plane).

    A reasonable argument could be made for favorable treatment for groups that were mistreated in the past like Blacks, Native Americans and those specific Hispanics and their descendants that were historically present within the US with some proportionality to the degree of mistreatment and the degree of membership within the mistreated group. But it is utterly unfair to give special benefits to foreigners or ethnic groups that have no history in this county during the era of mistreatment at the expense of the traditional population.

    Another consideration is that substantial favorable treatment has already been granted for many decades and the cold hard reality is that a substantial part of the outcome disparity between different racial and ethnic groups arises from innate biological differences and chosen cultural differences. By facing these painful truths more constructive and effective social policy can be developed to benefit our struggling citizens.

    It's become clear that multiculturalism doesn't really "celebrate" other cultures so much as it hates Whites and is driven by a desire to marginalize and ultimately eliminate Whites.

    If the multiculturalists and our ruling elites keep pushing anti-White hatred and discrimination, then Whites should push back hard and advocate just as aggressively for their own racial interests like Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and every other group.

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    1. Excellent comments, coming from the objective perspective of a fair and reasonable white man. All this anti-white gentile discrimination was foisted on us by the Jews whose butts we stupid white people saved during WWII. Anti-white discrimination is intentional, not accidental. The goal has always been to depose white men so Jews can rule in their stead, which Jews have been doing for many decades.