Thursday, January 29, 2009

A General Discussion of Jewish Influence in Response to Some Questions

This post follows up a discussion from a thread on the thought-provoking Roissy In DC blog.

I had started participating in that thread with this initial post.


I've removed the bulk of this post for now because I want to divide it into smaller, focused, independent pieces.

I also want to improve its tone because my goal is not to rant (at least not too much!), but hopefully be constructive.

I plan to post new-and-hopefully-improved chunks as each is done and to edit this post to act as a table of contents.

Also, I'm planning to post soon on other topics like Civil Defense, Why I Gave up on the Color Blind Society, and so on. I want this blog to discuss a broad range of topics although the overarching theme is concern for the state of the US, the West and Whites.


See: Disclaimer: Group Reasoning


This is the original huge post I'm in the process of editing into smaller pieces. I guess I'll leave it here for reference.

See: Original Giant Post


See: Some Jews Supportive of White Advocacy


  1. Thanks for linking, I'll add you to my blog list. I'm not a big fan of Kevin M., but he does have some good points. I think he overstates his case when he claims ethnic Jews automatically act the way they act. I don't see how that's possible, since there is so much dissent regarding ethnicity, immigration, Zionism, etc. among Jews.

  2. There's some truth in what you've said, but then what? Instead of this inventory of grievances, why not figure out what you can say to the Jews who aren't running things, who are the majority...this inventory of grievances doesn't make your case to the people you need to reach, and that includes non-Jews. If it's any comfort to you, the SPLC visits my blog from time to time, and about 1 percent of my traffic is from various government entities.

  3. @latte island 12:49

    I'm planning on breaking this massive post up into many smaller, more focused pieces and I might add a bit more detail to some of those pieces. This post originated as a response to some questions and one goal was to provide evidence (links and references) as well as listing complaints with some discussion and analysis. That's one reason I've embedded a number of quotes.

    I've been editing the post in place for a few days so it's been getting quite long and I've started some other posts that I haven't published yet because they're unfinished. In one of those unpublished posts I discuss some of these issues.

    Indeed I see my target audience being both Jews and non-Jews and I hope to contribute something constructive for Jews and Gentiles, Whites and non-Whites and America in general. I don't want it to only be an inventory of grievances or Jew or Black bashing.

    I've looked at some articles on the ADL and SPLC sites and I've seen other folks critique their behavior and motives; I don't see them my target audience because they don't seem to be operating in good faith but instead are big cogs in the Censorship Machine that threatens the future of our civilization.

    I believe in free speech and showing through evidence, logic and persuasion why some position is false or undesirable instead of the un-American shortcut of shutting them up through censorship or intimidation.

    I'm a bit of a slow writer who hasn't really written like this since college way back when.
    Being a bit of a perfectionist trying to weed out the inevitable errors and hoping the language isn't too clunky ain't helping my speed either.

    I'm also learning more about the tools for writing a blog because I've never done that before (e.g. how to get statistics, can I host a web page that is NOT a blog post, etc)

    Thanks for reading it. I know it's a monster in its current form.

  4. @latte island 2/2 12:33

    Thanks to you too.

    I agree and am fascinated by the extremely broad range of ideas, opinions, values, practices held among the Jewish People, many times as significant contributors and not infrequently with fiery disagreements.

    I've only read a small portion of Dr. MacDonald's work but am greatly impressed by the parts I've read, particularly because of the scholarly yet accessible style and the large volume of verifiable references.

    I haven't interpreted his work that I've read as meaning that ALL Jews act monolithically for their group interests but more that a substantial portion do to varying degrees of energy, effectiveness, coordination, participation and awareness. BTW "substantial portion" includes lots of average folks who contribute in modest ways like advocacy in conversations, volunteering time or making modest donations. Most people aren't movers-and-shakers but their small individual contributions summed across their larger numbers provide significant resources for the leaders and encourage other average folks to contribute. There are probably several tiers of influential like extremely, very, moderate and little. Those lower tiers are important too though because there are MANY more people acting at that scale so their cumulative effect may still be significant.

    A classic example of "modest" influence would be some Jewish merchants in a small city pressuring newspapers not to publish certain topics or writers or to slant coverage a certain way at the threat of withholding their advertising dollars. The cumulative impact of many such acts of pressure and influence has helped transform our country dramatically over the last century.

    One simple model (i.e. unrealistic) is a continuum where "none act" is on one side and "all act" is on the other and the reality is more in the middle at "some act".

    More complicated models could be constructed that try more realistically capture the different breakdown of different factors among the population of interest (Jews in this case).

    Particularly historically, strong support for Israel and for mass 3rd World immigration were nearly universal across a surprisingly broad range of normally antagonistic Jewish groups even though a tiny sliver might have dissented.

    I think there is more somewhat more disagreement about Zionism and immigration now than in the past.

    Was there much dissent about supporting SOME form of Zionism during the 50s or 60s?

    Historically there seems to have been VERY little dissent among Jews on massive immigration to the US and the advocates for immigration were very passionate and energetic. The Jewish immigration opponents have grown to a modest fraction recently now that the security implications for Jews are becoming obvious although even now the Neocons want to keep the floodgates open.

    Does anyone know of ANY historical dissent from large scale immigration into the US, particularly by ANY significant Jewish or crypto-Jewish organization?

    Of course you're a bit an elite, Miss Latte, because most Jews seem to have a deep and visceral animosity to White advocates.

    It would be interesting to know what percent of Jews are sympathetic to the various factions of White advocacy as well as the distribution of other attitudes and their intensities (e.g. lukewarm support, neutral, mildly opposed, passionately opposed, etc). It would also be interesting to see how this varies across the various components of the Jewish population like class, profession, religious belief, politics, education, leadership, etc.

  5. SF, I'm not sure "most Jews ... have an animosity to White advocates." It looks like the organized Jewish communities, including religious Jews and liberal Jews, do oppose White interests...but if you read the non-anti-semitic pro-white sites like VDare, VFR, White America, etc., it looks like there are a lot of Jewish and part-Jewish commenters who have similar views to mine, i.e. I'm not as rare as you might think.

    Have you read about that notorious American Renaissance conference, where David Duke showed up for the first time, and a lot of Jews walked out...well, what does that tell you? It tells me that Jews have always been a part of the racial right, we just don't belong with David Duke & co. Now Michael Hart, who was one of the original people who walked out, is leading that big pro-white conference with Auster and a lot of other big names, many of whom are Jewish. Those pro-white Jews don't get counted as Jews often enough, because they don't hang out with official Jewish groups. I don't think this Jewish involvement in our cause is a fluke, I think it's a trend.

    Also, I think too much historical research and statistics gathering is a dead end, with respect to organizing, although of course I love history for its own sake. So many people are preoccupied with chronicling the Frankfurt School and the other things mentioned by K-Mac...even if there is some truth in that and the other information, how does that help living people preserve what's left? If anything, the people who are always gathering statistics and quoting them are driving away potential allies. (I've downloaded Culture of Critique, even though I'm already sick of it from seeing it quoted in a hostile manner all over the place, but I'll read it anyway.)