Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terminology Thoughts

Has anyone coined the word "chutzpocrisy" yet?

Yup. They have. Although it doesn't seem to be widely used.

This term combining "chutzpah" and "hypocrisy" should refer to the outrageous hypocrisy commonly seen among many outspoken anti-White Jews who advocate one thing for themselves and something radically different for the Other. For example, they advocate nation-destroying and genocidal policies for Whites while simultaneously advocating the exact opposite for themselves and their ethnostate of Israel.

A recent concrete example is the Jewish conniption fit over Arizona's new anti-illegal-alien law when Israel has always and continues to do far more repressive things to the Palestinians and other aliens in Israel or Israeli-occupied Palestine.

Likewise with securing the border with Mexico. How dare we enforce the border or build an effective wall. Yet Israel gets to build an effective wall propped up with tens of billions in American wealth while we get called neo-nazi-racist-hater-bigot-white-supremacists(TM) for daring to advocate the preservation of our nation and people.

The list goes on. and on and on. and on some more. and more and more and more.

I could keep going but you get the point.

Another formulation I like is ORCS for "Our" Repressive "Civil" Society.

This would replace a fixture in my previous posts, the accurate but tediously long: "Our" "Civil" Society.

I quote "Our" ironically because it definitely isn't ours. Instead it is dominated by a hostile, alien Jewish supremacist elite; corrupt, soulless, shabbos goy White traitors; antagonistic Blacks; imported foreign tools and naive White true believers suckered by the long occult war [thanks Kievsky!] against Whites suffusing most corners of our society and culture.

Likewise "Civil Society" has fully earned its contemptous quotes, since it seethes with malevolent incivility. The greasy lie of "civility" is a total fraud, a ploy to gull the lifelong brainwashed into believing that this vicious, oppressive, lying, anti-White, non-White-supremacist totalitarian system is actually concerned with civility or its ostensible aims.

I always contemptuously laugh when the anti-White power structure trowels out rhetorical slop like "hurtful", "creating a safe space", "dialogue" and "opposing hate". Somehow the lofty rhetoric applies to EVERYONE BUT WHITES. Plenty of "hurtful" things are said constantly within and by ORCS about Whites and that's definitely a feature, not a bug!

"Creating a Safe Space" is a total fraud since the literal rape and murder of Whites is frantically ignored and covered up. The recent murders of Whites at Kent State are but one example.

The true purpose of "Creating a Safe Space" and the other cultural Marxist shibboleths is the destruction of freedom of speech and inquiry by banning speech, thoughts or activism that threaten the current Jewish-and-non-White-supremacist hegemonic system.

As usual in the Kwa, racist anti-White double standards actually rule. Whites are subjected to an Orwellian narrative about "White privilege", "White power", "White racism", "White supremacism" with the delusional pretense that this hateful attack on Whites, their identity, history and peoplehood is "speaking truth to power".

Yeah, right. Whites are SOOOOO powerful that NOT ONE politician, dean, "civic leader" or power broker is openly pro-White. Instead nearly every one of them parrots diversity blather and "white guilt" under the steel gaze of our commissariat. Those straying too far from the party line suffer consequences including job loss, ostracism and public humiliation.

This intellectually dishonest, barbaric treatment starts far before any traces of actual pro-White advocacy. To question any of the patently false dogma ruling the Kwa invites swift and terrible punishment as Nobel Prize winner James Watson and many others discovered.

In actuality, the power structure of the Kwa enforces the privilege, power, racism and supremacism of Jews and non-Whites over Whites.

This power desperately needs a LOT of truth spoken to it.

Turn On, Tune In, Drive Out [the ORCS!]

Updated Thursday, May 27, 2010.

  • Tweaked a few awkward phrasings.
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  1. Still alive? For what it's worth, there are a few of us out here still looking for rational points of view. It's always a loss when someone who speaks the truth goes silent.

  2. I responded to your question by making an update post.

    Thanks for the kind words.